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25 Jul 2013

Tagged with Recommended Reading

This is not a defin­i­tive list but is the one that i use the most fre­quently as it a) gives me access to books and also b) it gives me a view of where tech is going. In gen­eral pub­lish­ers are there to make money, so they print books that will sell and so their lists tend to reflect trends in pro­gram­ming and com­puter sci­ence and usage. I say in gen­eral because some of the list are his­tor­i­cal and some are self pub­lish­ing sites which are there­fore open to anyone.

Words of warn­ing. There will always be bad books. Badly writ­ten, full of pro­pri­etary libraries and code, writ­ten by self delu­sional authors, copies of the doc­u­men­ta­tion that has been released by a project etc. So read reviews, check on Ama­zon to see that peo­ple say there, use the look inside facil­ity many site offer to read a few pages online to get a feel for what is there.

The list. In no par­tic­u­lar order and i am not specif­i­cally rec­om­mend­ing one pub­lisher over another.

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