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Mon, Jan 2, 2017
#Go #Golang #CayLey

Go graph database anyone. …… ?

Looking for a graph datastore for Go then look at CayLey


Built with Go so fits right in to the infrastructure.

You can use some of the others and now the latest release of MongoDB has some basic Graph structure built in but not s powerfull as CayLey

  • Cayleys goal is to be a part of the developer’s toolbox where Linked Data and graph-shaped data are concerned.

  • Community driven

  • Written in Go (can be used as a Go library)

  • Easy to get running (3 or 4 commands, below)

  • RESTful API or a REPL if you prefer

  • Built-in query editor and visualizer

  • Multiple query languages: JavaScript (gremlin-inspired), MQL

  • Multiple backend stores: LevelDB, Bolt, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, In-memory, ephemeral

  • Modular design; easy to extend with new languages and backends

  • Good test coverage

  • Speed, where possible.

  • CayLey See more here ….