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Google PhotoSphere

Sat, Oct 4, 2014
Google Apps

Essentially Street View on your phone

In this case an iPhone 5.

When you fire it up it gives you an orange dot to line up on to take the first image then as you move the camera it produces more orange dots to line up on and keeps doing this till it has taken a full set of overlapping shots.

The app takes the picture immediately when you line up, no shutter press needed, and there is a progress bar at the bottom which will go green when all the scene is covered. Sometimes you need to hunt for the last dot. Usually at the very top or bottom.

The app will also warn you if you start to tilt of axis and it is a good idea to pick a location where you can keep your feet in the same place a you turn around else you will get registraion fracture, especially if there are lines in the picture

Does a lovely job of stitching all the pictures together, producing a great 360 degree view of your current location and then publishing to the web.

I also have an Olloclip add on lens which can give fishey pictures which adds a really wierd effect to the 360

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