Transmission Line Noise


App devel­op­ment

lst i am nowhere near fin­ished with web devel­op­ment i am mak­ing the shift as a mat­ter of choice into app devel­op­ment. And at least ini­tially iPhone and iPad devel­op­ment. Whilst it was a b

Sun and coding

I don’t think that the two actu­ally mix very well.

Adopted Pomodoro

lly not been work­ing very suc­cess­fully recently, doing a lot , all over the place but not mak­ing progress. So looked at the pomodoro tech­nique, got a nice timer app for the iPhone and it seems

The Bayeux Whiteboards

e across a new wrin­kle for issue solv­ing at a pre­vi­ous com­pany. Rahter than orga­niae, pri­ori­tise and sum­marise the prob­lems set they decided to write out each one on a white­board and the

Another piece of Sun falls off the good ship Oracle

inte­grated build plat­form “Hud­son.” has been gar­risoned by Ora­cle. Either fed up with the infight­ing that had led to the spin-off “Jenk­ins” project, or sim­ply unable to fig­ure out a way t

Brer Rab­bit and Taring

Tar is a very com­monly used archiv­ing for­mat on Linux sys­tems. The advan­tage with tar is that it con­sumes very lit­tle time and CPU to com­press files, but the com­pres­sion isn’t very muc

OpenBSD 4.8 Released

t a secure solid and thor­oughly work­man­like OS? Well use OpenBSD Theo de Raadt announces the offi­cial release of OpenBSD 4.8! This release adds bet­ter sus­pend and resume as well as new IKE a

sparkup, a parser for con­densed markup

s is really neat and expands css like code to fully hydrated code at the stroke of a cou­ple of but­tons. If you are using tex­mate then ^e (i am on a mac remem­ber) wil turn this ul.feature-list &

Text­Mate vs Net­Beans vs Eclipse vs Zend Studio

r­ever pos­si­ble i develop on a Mac. I’m not an Apple fan­boy as such but there are cer­tain aspects of the hard­ware and the soft­ware plat­form that i like and gen­er­ally the whole devel­op­men

.DS_Store, Macs and Mercurial

a mat­ter of choice i develop on Mac’s, it’s a long story and i won’t bore you with it and i have moved my VCS to Mer­cu­r­ial from SVN, that’s a shorter story but not for now. How­ever when clonin

Com­mut­ing …

­rently work­ing locally to where i live so my com­mute time has dropped pre­cip­i­tously to about 20 min­utes each way. How­ever when doing the pre­vi­ous 6 months, 90 min­utes each way com­mutes


in going to and from work. Never thought about it till the other day but a+b is com­mu­ta­tive and is the same as b+a. So very much like “commuting” Any­way, unless some­thing hap­pens, last day of

This looks like a useful tool

ular Expressions. Really useful but like reading Cuneiform. THis tool lets you enter and test them. Analyse the various elements of the expression, save your expressions and share them with and s

<span class="caps">PHP</span> Stops Work­ing — Snow Leopard

i do some­thing dumb or did some­thing update my sys­tem. It appears that php stopped work­ing and i had to ho into httpd.conf and uncom­ment (again) the php lib so. Now php has been run­ning on m

been work­ing on a Mac .…..

for a few years now so have got­ten very used to the dif­fer­ent key­strokes. Now i have two pieces of work which are no remote win­dows servers. One i con­nect through Log­mein and the other with

Fizz Buzz test

a job inter­view the other day i came across the fizz buzz test in the wild for the first time. Sim­ple lit­tle thing but seems to floor people. In case you have not seen it you out­put the num­ber

Apple Down­loads — Aranaio is num­ber one

as com­mis­sioned to pro­duce a Mac Dash­board Cur­rency Con­verter Wid­get for World First (excel­lent com­pany) which i duly did and at the moment (early Novem­ber) it is not only the fea­tured d

mac wid­gets

n work­ing for a while on mac dash­board wid­gets. quite an eye opener in terms of mar­ket and opportunity. using the mac dash­code tool i built a cheat sheet type wid­get with all the main vi com


o a bit of a gap between all this. Well back in the ‘Smoke’ Lon­don was nice and work­ing in the East End, of Brick Lane so again inter­est­ing areas. Just a short con­tract with a dig­i­tal media

work again

l fin­ished the 12 week con­tract locally, actu­ally took 5 months but there you go. now picked up a very short term job work­ing with xaraya a cms/ so i have to learn xaraya and write the appli­ca

A Book­ing Engine

Alton Tow­ers

ave been deeply involved i the devel­op­ment of the new web site there and last week had to have a meet­ing with some of the AT team. So actu­ally got into the park for free? OK no great shakes and

amazon S3

te inter­est­ing cdn, con­tent dis­tri­b­u­tion net­work, sys­tem. Based on Ama­zons hard­ware sys­tems you can sign up as long as you have and ama­zon  web ser­vices account and t

memo to self

book­mark capa­bil­i­ties Digg, del​.icio​.us, and Fark etc

aptana .…..

seri­ously good tool. Quote “The Aptana IDE is a free, open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript-focused devel­op­ment envi­ron­ment for build­ing Ajax appli­ca­tions. It fea­tures code assist on Ja