Transmission Line Noise


Timeliness of information

ceptions of Timeliness or Just not in time Production Planning Computerisation In the mid 1980’s I took over the Production Planning and Control Department of a company called Charcon. Charcon manu


TBWDHT I suddenly realise that i am missing out on a whole new career by not inventing a new software testing methodology. This would involve fame, invites to conferences in exotic locations such a

The seven hills of Rome

troduction Rome was reputedly built on seven hills, as were Constantinople, Norwich and High Wycombe The english rendering of the names is Aventine Caelian Esquiline Quirinal Viminal Capitoline Pal

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roduction Not really like me as i tend not to give my opinion but i thought why not go out on a limb and show my taste, or lack of it. The following are in no particular order and i am not giving t