Transmission Line Noise


Beau­ti­ful Book

Codex Seraphini­anus: History’s Most Bizarre and Beau­ti­ful Ency­clo­pe­dia, Brought Back to Life Codex Seraphini­anus


no par­tic­u­lar order check the logs and the error logs? reboot your machine? are all the ser­vices running? are you on the right server? are the data­base pass­word correct? are you on the cor­r

Word of the day — Skeuomorph

Skeuo­morph is com­pounded from the Greek skeuos (con­tainer or tool), and mor­phê (shape).

iCloud goes iOS7 (well some of it)

you want to get a flavour of iOS7 with­out going the beta route then log into Apple iCloud beta because it has be iOS7’d. Mail, Cal­en­dar, Con­tacts, Notes and Reminders have all had the makeover.

Han­dling and Stor­ing Data in iOS

ro My expe­ri­ence over the last few years has been that of con­nect­ing to one or other of the data­bases web devel­op­ers are accus­tomed to con­nect­ing to. So MySQL Post­greSQL, Redis, Mongo et

Apple devel­oper cen­tre hack

v­ing aside the what, why, where and when the dev cen­tre is still not back up. How­ever Apple has a page up show­ing the sta­tus as ser­vices slowly come back on line. The page can be accessed her

Sun and coding

I don’t think that the two actu­ally mix very well.

The Bayeux Whiteboards

e across a new wrin­kle for issue solv­ing at a pre­vi­ous com­pany. Rahter than orga­niae, pri­ori­tise and sum­marise the prob­lems set they decided to write out each one on a white­board and the


­sagePack is an effi­cient binary seri­al­iza­tion for­mat. It lets you exchange data among mul­ti­ple lan­guages like JSON but it’s faster and smaller. For exam­ple, small inte­gers (like flags or

ok so clap

online col­lab­o­ra­tion tool. okso­clap

Angualr dot js

still umming and ahing about which javascript frame­work to use but angu­lar has a lot going for it

AngularJS Now Hosted on Google CDN

Need i say more?


­ple json storage a <a href="" target="_blank">lawnchair</a> is sorta like a couch except

Cap­puc­cino 0.9.5 Released

ay we are extremely excited to announce Cap­puc­cino 0.9.5, fea­tur­ing over 90 new fea­tures and improve­ments in addi­tion to numer­ous bug fixes. Here are some of the new fea­tures we think youâ

You some­times have to feel sorry for Microsoft

Right or wrong or just plain mis­guided Apple man­aged to some­how get the “cool” fac­tor into every­thing they do. Much of it was by the cor­rect appli­ca­tion of good indus­trial design but also

Node js

t a point when using npm you can do two types of install. A local for the appli­ca­tion you are writ­ing and a global for use at the com­mand line. The rule being … “Install locally for require().

CtaScb 6 — Krumo

put it sim­ply, Krumo is a replace­ment for print_r() and var_dump(). By def­i­n­i­tion Krumo is a debug­ging tool (ini­tially for PHP4/PHP5, now for PHP5only), which dis­plays struc­tured in

CtaScb 5

Short on here a js cdn that serves up and com­mu­nity voted js library and then keeps it for­ever. Cool cdn js it does what it says on the tin

Another piece of Sun falls off the good ship Oracle

inte­grated build plat­form “Hud­son.” has been gar­risoned by Ora­cle. Either fed up with the infight­ing that had led to the spin-off “Jenk­ins” project, or sim­ply unable to fig­ure out a way t

CTaSCB — 4

those of us using Sym­fony we have got used to the excel­lent debug bar that lets us work out where we are and what we are doing. Cur­rently work­ing on a Zend Frame­work project i was miss­ing it

Cooler than a snowman’s cool bits — 3

JSON Visu­al­i­sa­tion JSON, the poor mans XML. Lets face it if you want to see it then you want to see it.


to access the con­sole com­mand on S2. Once you have the sand­box up and run­ning or an instal­la­tion of Symfony2 then on the com­mand line go into the app direc­tory and type php console This wi

Symfony2 Cheat Sheet

For the Symfony2 con­sole commands symfony2

Drupal CLI, drush

king my way into drupal and particularly drupal 7 and have stumbled across druch the command line tool. Pretty awesome . With all the modules for Drupal it can be hard to work out what you want but

Cooler than a snowman’s cool bits — 2

­tope is An exquis­ite jQuery plu­gin for mag­i­cal layouts Reveal & hide items with filtering Re–order items with sorting Dynamic, intel­li­gent layouts Cap­ti­vat­ing animations Sort

Cooler than a snowman’s cool bits — 1

When you want a short URL or some­thing big, Domainr will find it, fast.

Top ten rea­sons why I won’t use your open source project

Wyn Nether­land on The Changelog Apolo­gies for the loaded head­line. It’s a hat tip to the Twit­ter how-to arti­cles that taught us the ben­e­fits of set­ting our avatars, writ­ing a witty bios

Pop­u­lat­ing a Sym­fony drop down from a database

eally didn’t like Sym­fony when i first used it but in the inter­ven­ing period it has grown up and so have i. I am cur­rently using ver­sion 1.4 and really get­ting to grips with it. As i try to u

a bit of light relief

Go to google maps and in direc­tion put China and Japan and look at step 41.

kCode for Text­Mate — the ulti­mate Text­Mate zen bundle

Get it from here. Also see more on sparkup here.

Peri­odic table of HTML elements

y things get explained by using a lay­out sim­i­lar to the Peri­odic Table for Ele­ments but this is “Peri­odic Table for HTML 5 Ele­ments”. Not sure that all of them work or even that this one wor

Google search now finds SVG documents

can now use Google search to find SVG doc­u­ments. SVG is an open, XML-based for­mat for vec­tor graph­ics with sup­port for inter­ac­tive elements. Goole indexes SVG con­tent whether it is in a 

sprout­core gen­er­a­tor cheat sheet

out­Core is an HTML5 appli­ca­tion frame­work for build­ing respon­sive, desktop-caliber apps in any mod­ern web browser, with­out plu­g­ins. This is a cheat sheet i put together for myself in the

Text­Mate vs Net­Beans vs Eclipse vs Zend Studio

r­ever pos­si­ble i develop on a Mac. I’m not an Apple fan­boy as such but there are cer­tain aspects of the hard­ware and the soft­ware plat­form that i like and gen­er­ally the whole devel­op­men

librocu­bic­u­lar­ist .….

.….. some­one who reads in bed. Me!

The Pos­tit ver­sion of MVC

Craig explains MVC .… Craig explains MVC

Google Chrome and Chromium

can get : .. Chromium and Chromium OS Projects from here Google Chrome from here Lat­est releases (all platforms) Taken from Wikipedia Chromium is the open source web browser project from

Project Man­age­ment — a ques­tion from a friend .….

the answer for­tu­nately i rarely have to use it and eased myself back to hum­ble pro­gram­mer and let other peo­ple take the heat. 1) I do like the loosely applied agile method­ol­ogy of the par­t

A quick can­ter through some Cap­puc­cino related terms and products

en when dis­cussing a tech­nol­ogy those famil­iar with it will use terms that the neo­phyte user will puz­zle over. Here are some short expla­na­tions of often used terms in Cap­puc­ci­no con

The work­place defined by it’s mugs

not the peo­ple who work there, the ves­sels we drink out tea and cof­fee out of and their loca­tion, the KITCHEN. Hav­ing now done some 12 years of free­lanc­ing, with some long projects and some

Web Tem­plates with Logic?

ave alway though that web tem­plat­ing lan­guages that have logic in them are self defeat­ing. Lets face it as pro­gram­mers we spend an inor­di­nate amount of time work­ing with MVC to ensure tha

A brief intro­duc­tion to Cap­puc­cino tools

­puc­cino is an appli­ca­tion frame­work mod­elled on Objective-c but using Objective-j. It allows for web sites or appli­ca­tion to be built using the cap­puc­cino frame­work and then ‘com­plied’

What is Glow?

w is the BBC’s (British Broad­cast­ing Cor­po­ra­tion) in hose JavaScript library along the lines of JQuery, Scrip­tac­u­lous etc. This is not Aunty Beeb’s first library but ti is the first one the

Oh dear, no killer tablet from Mr Softy

hough it was never offi­cially acknowl­edged, Microsoft’s Courier fold­ing tablet con­cept stirred more excite­ment among tech watch­ers than any of the company’s actual recent prod­ucts. In fact,

if the com­mand line on <span class="caps">UNIX</span> was a girl .…..

.….. i would marry her!

Think­ing of imple­ment­ing a multi-lingual web site?

a tech­ni­cal front not a lot, you can use a frame­work like Zend or Kohana or Rails etc. which usu­ally have the abil­ity to replace the con­tent with tags and then fill the tag with the lan­guage

Revers­ing <span class="caps">MD5</span>

e is an inter­est­ing one from the not very lead­ing edge. When you add a pass­word to a site it is often encrypted with and MD5 hash this mean that a word like ‘leonie’ is con­verted into a string

.… and add one .……

.….. on the First.

Well .……

.…… got to do a post on the last day of the year. Happy new year everyone.

The chimes at midnight

ive approx­i­mately three miles from the cen­tre of Not­ting­ham and usu­ally can­not hear the bell chim­ing the hour in the town hall in the cen­tre of the city. How­ever today, with it being clar

<span class="caps">PHP</span> 5.3 — Snow Leopard

w Leop­ard updated me to PHP 5.3 ok but it didn’t leave me with a work­ing php.ini. Just the php.ini.default. The main upshot of this was bro­ken date and thus bro­ken header errors all over the sh

Apple Down­loads — Aranaio is num­ber one

as com­mis­sioned to pro­duce a Mac Dash­board Cur­rency Con­verter Wid­get for World First (excel­lent com­pany) which i duly did and at the moment (early Novem­ber) it is not only the fea­tured d

edit­ing in apple dash­board / dashcode?

edit­ing in apple dash­board? hold down the alt key & the cur­sor becomes a cross + & you can select by col­umn rather than line. Also TextMate

Snow Leop­ard breaks NetBeans

So i am told, as i do not use it. I think it installs ok but then when per­form­ing a com­pile it “Barfs” as my infor­mant poet­i­cally puts it about 1⁄2 way through.

Snow Leop­ard breaks MySQL

l it broke my copy any­way. i installed mysql-5.1.23-rc-osx10.5-x86_64 ok. Tried to add the mac-ports ver­sion but ran into prob­lems with that sim­ply not want­ing to install. In the end down­loa

Dash­code and cURL

d to get data from another site well you can use cURL to get it. widget.system(&quot;/usr/bin/curl;, null).outputString; this will pull the rat

Time .….

natures way of pre­vent­ing every­thing hap­pen­ing at once. OK but when i used to com­mute i lis­ten to pod­casts, Mac OS Ken, His­to­ryzine, Skep­toid etc. Now i don’t com­mute i don’t seem to h

Wid­get Development

uick overview of script­ing tools, meth­ods and widget/gadget deliv­ery platforms Google Gad­gets Devel­op­ment Technologies: HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript Devel­op­ment Plat­form / Language: Any with

Change of Direction

Now liv­ing and work­ing back in Not­ting­ham doing web devel­op­ment and Mac wid­gets and iPhone appli­ca­tion development

Dash­code Devel­op­ment Fit the First

el­op­ing in Dash­code for the Mac. It’s a bit like the Curates Egg. Good in parts and rot­ten in oth­ers. Any­way needed to get 50 or so images in and the import facil­ity to add them one at a tim

Liv­ing Arrangements

ed accom­mo­da­tion down in the smoke from sofa surf­ing at a friends house, how he put u with me for 16 months I don’t know but most grate­ful to him for it. So now in a Mon to Fri with occa­s

sur­vived .…

. xmas, again. Actu­ally not to bad. Didn’t go far, Sheffield a cou­ple of times but other than Christ­mas day  had low level fam­ily inter­ac­tion and that helped to reduce the usual fes­tive fri

HTTP Client — Mac app

ui for enter­ing and view­ing http infor­ma­tion. It pretty straight­for­ward and the doc­u­men­ta­tion on it is min­i­mal (well non exis­tent) how­ever the video takes you through all the main

Last Thurs­day

a long story but i man­age a site called Last Thurs­day The site was orig­i­nally formed as some­thing of a break­away from the Ecad­emy and it gained quite a head of steam within a fairly closed

Eval­u­at­ing AJAX Frameworks

eview of some Ajax frame­works at Dr Dobbs. The fol­low­ing libraies looked at and compared Dojo 0.3.1 (dojo​toolkit​.org). Pro­to­type and Scrip­tac­u­lous 1.4 (www​.pro​to​typejs​.org and

YAML Ain’t Markup Language

L™ (rhymes with “camel”) is a straight­for­ward machine parsable data seri­al­iza­tion for­mat designed for human read­abil­ity and inter­ac­tion with script­ing lan­guages such as Perl and Pyt

con­sol­i­da­tion 2009

as try­ing to keep sev­eral blogs going on dif­fer­ent sub­jects but it is just too much effort and as no one reads them , ulti­mately futile. So i am con­sol­i­dat­ing under howitt​.com. this will

light­weight http server

other day i needed a light­weight http server to run on win­dows. Its a client machine in a clients work­place and i only have local admin access. How­ever i didn’t want to add the IIS server as


php.MVC imple­ments the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pat­tern, and encour­ages appli­ca­tion design based on the Model 2 par­a­digm. This design model allows the Web page or other con­tents (


upgraded to 2.7 of Word­Press and Blue­print based theme.

Since get­ting an iPod ….

 Not sure what i meant to say here now as it has been a while but i think pod­casts were one of the most use­full ele­ments that came my way.

Open Calais

Reuters seman­tic web API

Now the read/write web

Face­book and The Myth Of Con­tex­tual Advertising  here So who has got it in for FB?

Cory Doc­trow hav­ing a bit of a go at FaceBook

inter­est­ing arti­cle enti­tled How Your Creepy Ex-Co-Workers Will Kill Face­book about Face­Book and social net­work­ing from Cory Doc­trow hav­ing a bit of a go at Face­Book, buck­ing the trend

Work (again)

Well back in the big city now, art house again (i quite like it) but lots of meaty PHP. Nice.

An intro­duc­tion to Eclipse for Visual Stu­dio users

l it hadn’t really occurred to me that a pro­fes­sional pro­gram­mer would have any prob­lems using dif­fer­ent IDE’s. Whether it Notepad, or Vi or Emacs etc. surely a pro is going to famil­iarise

Comet and Ajax

et is a pro­gram­ming tech­nique that enables web servers to send data to the client with­out hav­ing any need for the client to request it. This tech­nique will pro­duce more respon­sive appli­ca­

<span class="caps">MS</span> Share­point Lock-in

h has been writ­ten about Open Office and about MS’s OOXML and the bat­tle for open file format’s. How­ever it looks as if Share­point could be a big­ger threat than any of these. MS is push­ing Sh

How could i forget?

Well i did but it all came back in a rush.


n­strukt Key Aspects Con­trollers are resources URI-to-controller-mapping gives your appli­ca­tion a log­i­cal structure Rout­ing based on logic rather than rules Nested con­trollers sup­ports com

light­weight http server

other day i neede a light­weight http server to run on win­dows. Its a client machine in a clients work­place and i only have local admin access. How­ever i didn’t want to add the IIS server as it

A Book­ing Engine



On the same tack my colleague .…

was explain­ing to one of the man­age­ment team the book­ing engine we are build­ing, which uses the mvc model to make devel­op­ment sim­pler, or is it more com­pli­cated? And the pos­tit not that

Work in progress

le doing a con­tract recently we were build­ing a site for a leisure com­pany. To keep track of assets that were approved by the client and the place hold­ers that we had added to allow us to look

cou­ple of sites

open source template free and exchange graphics

fire­fox extensions

e­bug of course and now included in aptana web devel­oper, a gen­eral tool­bar that lets you inspect a lot of shit. tam­per data view head­ers cook­ies and the like and mod­ify them chrome list dom



Get­ting Real

Get­ting Real Here are the 16 chap­ters and 91 essays that make up the book

com­par­a­tive sizes of stars


Why Win­dows is less secure than Linux

he he

con­tent man­age­ment systems — cms

­haps one of the suc­cess sto­ries of foss and in the sold arena to. Most of the main­stream ven­dors do a vari­a­tion on the cms which they charge for and umpteen star­tups and other ven­dors do c

writ­ing free open source software?

e is a free book to tell you all about it. And i quote “Pro­duc­ing Open Source Soft­ware is a book about the human side of open source devel­op­ment. It describes how suc­cess­ful projects oper­at

aptana .…..

seri­ously good tool. Quote “The Aptana IDE is a free, open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript-focused devel­op­ment envi­ron­ment for build­ing Ajax appli­ca­tions. It fea­tures code assist on Ja

if you are a mac and omn­i­graf­fle user

you will know why win­dows and visio suck. and here a graf­fle­topia is every graf­fle dia­gram set you could ever want

sleep­ing planet

sleep­ing planet


lin­guis­tics, a par­tici­ple is a non-finite verb form that can be used in com­pound tenses or voices, or it can be used as a mod­i­fier. Par­tici­ples often share prop­er­ties with other parts of