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iOS8 Uptake

Hows it going for Apple? Well according to Mixpanel they are over the 60% adoption rate. I suspect the glitch with 8.0.1 will slow it down a fraction but not noticably.

iOS7 Uptake

Start­ing around 08:00 on Weds 18th Sept iOS7 uptake was about 2.7%. By today, Sat­ur­day 21st at around 03:00 iOS7 and iOS6 crossed over and 7 rose above 50% Wow. Fig­ures from Mix­panel

iOS7 Beta’s

l did the whole world know except me about being able to upgrade the beta soft­ware through settings/general/software update? I started with the third beta on a 5th gen iPod touch. Backed up my iPh

Han­dling and Stor­ing Data in iOS

ro My expe­ri­ence over the last few years has been that of con­nect­ing to one or other of the data­bases web devel­op­ers are accus­tomed to con­nect­ing to. So MySQL Post­greSQL, Redis, Mongo et

Motorola acquires app devel­oper 280 North

e and here. The price has been con­firmed at around$20,000,000 dol­lars which is not dab for the orig­i­nal $250,000 injected into it. A lot of Motorola’s recent suc­cess has been through Android d

Build­ing an <span class="caps">ADLIB</span> Application

Neat post here from Chris Moyer dis­sect­ing AdLib and giv­ing a tuo­r­ial, with code on build­ing an application.

iTunes LP, iTunes Extra & TuneKit

nes LP (itlp)  and iTunes Extras (ite) are inter­ac­tive expe­ri­ences cre­ated to accom­pany music and movies. iTunes LP lets lis­ten­ers hear an album and view lyrics, liner notes, band pho­tos,

Adobe vs Apple and <span class="caps">HTML5</span> vs Flash Arguments

ecent MacJury Pod­cast two parter #1009 and #1010 was devoted to the Flash/Apple argu­ments and Apple not allow­ing Flash on the i devices. The argu­ments for and against were rea­son­able but miss

Pas­trykit reverse engineer

Michael Grinich has used the Apple Pas­trykiy library to knock up a small demo app. You can access it here on your iPhone/Pod and the full app code is avail­able here on GitHub.

adlib and pastrykit

h of these items have been knock­ing around the media or a few weeks. Pas­trykit first and since the launch of the iPad Adlib. What are they? Well they appear to be javascript frame­works to pro­du

Mobile device devel­op­ment frameworks.

h the increase in the use of more ver­sa­tile mobile plat­forms espe­cially the iPhone (plus the hype) there are as one would expect a num­ber of devel­op­ers cre­at­ing “Frame­works” to speed up t

iPhone web frame­works and Pastrykit

el­op­ment of web based sites tar­geted at the iPhone/iPod Touch has increased allow­ing for faster to mar­ket paths and avoid­ing the eso­teric niceties of the app store sub­mis­sion process. I su

Apple Down­loads — Aranaio is num­ber one

as com­mis­sioned to pro­duce a Mac Dash­board Cur­rency Con­verter Wid­get for World First (excel­lent com­pany) which i duly did and at the moment (early Novem­ber) it is not only the fea­tured d

Fonts on the iPhone

t apps on the iPhone are ren­dered in Hel­vetica, only, no choice. How­ever in the Safari browser there is a choice for the devel­oper. How­ever it is a lim­ited choice. Full sets are pro­vided of:

Font Fam­i­lies and the iPhone

­mally in a web app i would put a font-family in the CSS some­thing like this " font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif;" This way i cover my bases as to whether the ta