Transmission Line Noise


Mon, Sep 21, 2015


I suddenly realise that i am missing out on a whole new career by not inventing a new software testing methodology. This would involve fame, invites to conferences in exotic locations such as New York, Oshkosh, Prague, Leicester and the like.

Book deals to publish a weighty tome on the subject.

Acceptance into academic circles

So i hereby announce OWWTBWDHT as a testing methodology. I thought i would lengthen the acronym to give it a bit more weight.

What does it stand fore, well my consensus on testing having contracted in many different companies from large corporates to small startups was Oh We Would Test But We Don’t Have Time. So that’s it.

Now you don’t have to dissemble by telling people you use Unit Testing or TDD etc. Just tell them you adhere to OWWTBWDHT.

Prentice Hall have offered me a book deal and Caltech are discussing an honorary degree as well so things are looking up.