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Notes on using Heroku

Sat, May 30, 2015

Notes on using Heroku

In my new job the company have created a Flask application that acts as a gateway/api between Apple or Android mobile devices and a secure backend server. The users of the app are recomended to the app by a health professional, aquire, register and sign in and then manage thier medical problems ove a period of time.

The communication to the backend where health profesional and or clinicians can see and monitor reports aids the recovery or aids the mitigation of the problems.

The fist phase of the trial was well under way when i joined and this was the situation.

The basic application written in flask with a postgresql backend database.

The basic IoS and Android apps were written.

And a trial was under way with a small number of users in a limited geographical area.

All code is backed up via git to a git-lab repository