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Com­plex Data

Sat, Feb 8, 2014

Well sort of.

I don’t really bother to prune my emails so one of my mail­boxes has in excess of 14,000 mails, I really don’t need them but they are no has­sle, they just sit there talk­ing among them­selves so i leave them alone.

How­ever what has started to bug me is my web book­marks and how to man­age them. I have just been clear­ing them out a bit as unlike emails which can be use­ful even from years ago where you want a date or a name or an address. But book­marks, espe­cially for me, seem to date very quickly and i saw to my hor­ror (yeah well ok per­haps not) that i still had IE imports in them and it must be 10 years since i had an IE browser.

I used to add my book­marks in sub­ject order. So Pro­gram­ming then JS then Frame­works etc. But i then had to clas­sify them and where to graph­ics go, i mean i use them in Art and i also use them in Pro­gram­ming so i dupli­cate and could not find them anyway.

So now i add a new folder each month and just add all the book­marks unclas­si­fied into this bucket on the basis that i can sort of vaguely remem­ber that it was a cou­ple of months ago that i looked at this sub­ject so maybe Novem­ber 2013? But no my sense of tim­ing is out by either weeks or months.

So how do you man­age your book­marks. Any tips. tricks, wrin­kles, apps in the offing.

Off­ing by the way is the most dis­tant part of the sea in view at any one time.