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Byzan­tine Fault Tolerance

Sun, Nov 3, 2013
Problem Solving

I am very inter­ested in the Roman Empire and it’s his­tory, espe­cially when the East­ern part of the empire becomes what we today call the Byzan­tine Empire. They never called them­selves that, they were always “Roman”. Indeed even today i am told the Greek’s think of them­selves as Roman and the inher­i­tors of the empire.

How­ever i didn’t think that there would a be a con­nec­tion between Byzan­tium and mod­ern com­put­ing. How­ever i then came across The Byzan­tine Gen­er­als Problem

The objec­tive of Byzan­tine fault tol­er­ance is to be able to defend against Byzan­tine fail­ures, in which com­po­nents of a sys­tem fail in arbi­trary ways (i.e., not just by stop­ping or crash­ing but by pro­cess­ing requests incor­rectly, cor­rupt­ing their local state, and/or pro­duc­ing incor­rect or incon­sis­tent out­puts.). Cor­rectly func­tion­ing com­po­nents of a Byzan­tine fault tol­er­ant sys­tem will be able to cor­rectly pro­vide the system’s ser­vice assum­ing there are not too many Byzan­tine faulty components.

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