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iCloud goes iOS7 (well some of it)

Sat, Aug 17, 2013
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If you want to get a flavour of iOS7 with­out going the beta route then log into Apple iCloud beta because it has be iOS7’d.

Mail, Cal­en­dar, Con­tacts, Notes and Reminders have all had the makeover. Pages, Num­bers and Keynote are still in iOS6 mode and i have say even at this sim­ple menu level already look old fash­ioned and tired.

betafpNew beta & originalfp cur­rent iCloud on the right..

betacalBeta cal­en­dar & originalcal the skeuo­mor­phic cur­rent on the right

An inter­est­ing touch is that when on the cur­rent iCloud you want to swap you click the cloud icon in the top left of the win­dow originalcloudicon and then you go back to the main menu. In beta you get text thus betacloudicon Actu­ally it looks like an image and when you click it it give you a drop-down menus with the other locations.

transitionlike this. Less jar­ring as you don’t lose focus on the cur­rent main window.

The mail is sim­i­larly treated, here is an after and a before exam­ple originalmail betamail

There has been a lot of heated argu­ment over Apple new design and whilst i have been largely in favour of it and run the beta’s on a phone and a pad the dif­fer­ence in the iCloud design has thrown it more into relief for me and i think Apple is on to a winner.