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iOS7 Beta’s

Fri, Aug 16, 2013
iPad iPhone Mobile

Well did the whole world know except me about being able to upgrade the beta soft­ware through settings/general/software update?

I started with the third beta on a 5th gen iPod touch. Backed up my iPhone and then restored it to the iPod. Then added the beta OS. When beta 6 came out today i was in two minds as whether to upgrade or maybe wait for beta 7 as the whole rebuild­ing the iPod and upgrad­ing the OS is a bit of a chore if you are doing it repeat­edly, and espe­cially as i have been run­ning the beta on my iPad and so had to wran­gle two devices.

But, read­ing iMore i find i can just go settings/general/software update and get the next beat. Neat