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iBooks alter­na­tive?

Thu, Jul 25, 2013

Want a really good alter­na­tive to iBooks on you iPad? Read­mill is a cool alternative. Except of course since i posted this Readmill has shuttered so hey-ho back to iBooks

Read­mill, a Berlin, Germany-based social and share­able read­ing plat­form. Led by CEO Hen­rik Berggren, Read­mill allows users to high­light parts of an ebook, share these high­lights with friends and start dis­cus­sions around them. The com­pany also announced part­ner­ships with six major inde­pen­dent stores includ­ing Lean­pub, Read­lists, Free​-ebooks​.net, Jot­tify, OR Books, Pub­lit, and Bibliocrunch.