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Rec­om­mended Read­ing — Non Technical

Sat, Jul 20, 2013

First I would sug­gest not buy­ing any tech­ni­cal books around iOS and iPhones as they will all be chang­ing soon to accom­mo­date the upgrade to iOS7. This is prob­a­bly why there are a lot of sales of these books going on at the moment.

Sec­ondly i would not rec­om­mend ever buy­ing a print ver­sion of a tech­ni­cal book again. In the first instance get your­self and iPad, then Book­shelf and buy all you tech stuff in eBook/ePub form. You then go to Oreilly’s site, Apress’s site, Informit’s site, sev­eral other sites that offer lower cost or free books, i will pro­vide a full list in a future post, down­load them and install them on Book­shelf. This way you can carry them round with you, access them from any­where via the iPad or if you push them to Drop­Box, on any computer.

Why not a kin­dle? Well you are an iOS devel­oper so you really should have an iPad for test­ing, plus you never actu­ally own a Kin­dle book, you sort of rent it from Ama­zon plus it is harder to get non Ama­zon sourced books onto a Kindle.

The way to get cheaper books fro your iPad is to sub­scribe to all the pub­lish­ers deals of the day. Many of them will email you daily or at other fre­quen­cies with offers of half priced book or at sub­stan­tial dis­counts. Some will offer you upgrades to a print book, O’Reilly for exam­ple, so if you reg­is­ter cur­rent print books with ten then it is only $4.99 to upgrade to an elec­tronic version.

Pub­lish­ers will pub­lish in dif­fer­ent for­mats. O’Reilly tend to be the best and will let you down­load as many as these for­mats (varies book to book)

  • ePub — for the iPad
  • PDF — any­where
  • APK — Android
  • DAISY — Dig­i­tal Talk­ing Book
  • MOBI — can be read by Kindles

The eBooks are often water­marked to you or your account with the bookseller’s and as you might expect though they are avail­able to you to read on as many of your own devices as you want they are not for fur­ther distribution.

OK so i didn’t get round to rec­om­mend­ing any book but will do in another post soon.