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Get­ting and installing the beta

Sat, Jul 13, 2013

The main thing to note is that i am con­cen­trat­ing on the iOS side of things. Cur­rently Apple has two major betas on the boil, iOS and the new OSX Mav­er­icks, or SeaLion as some peo­ple like to call it. I can­not do jus­tice to both so work­ing full on with one.
Betas can be obtained and installed on the black mar­ket but there seems lit­tle point as there is not a lot you can do and noth­ing officially.If you are just curios, like lead­ing edge stuff then ok, but if you are going to d any seri­ous work then no point.
You really need to join the devel­op­ment process at Apple which costs £60 per annum, one for iOS and one for OSX, this give you access to all the betas and all the doc­u­men­ta­tion and videos etc. Once you have signed up and signed in you can down­load the soft­ware and any other mate­r­ial you want. Although it is time con­sum­ing there are a lot of videos, espe­cially from the recent WWDC that are worth watch­ing to get up to speed.
Any­way, once the beta has down­loaded, it’s a DMG you need to run it to open up the pack­age. These will open up as an xxx.ipsw file ready to install.

A ques­tion to ask is which device are you going to install to? If you only have your phone then the that may be your only choice but the beta may trash your phone and you will also be upgrad­ing to the new beta’s as they come out. My solu­tion was to buy an iPod touch 5th gen, 32Gb. Then backup my iPhone and restore the iPhone to the iPod. Yes you can do that. Remem­ber though when you restore the backup to hold down the alt/option keys. You then use the ipsw file you have down­loaded and unpacked.

Your new device will need reg­is­ter­ing with Apple through your devel­oper pro­gram pages. I would sug­gest that when you have restored you iPhone backup to the iPod but before you upgrade to the iOS7 beta that you reg­is­ter it. Then do the soft­ware upgrade. I didn’t and had to jump through a few hoops to get there.

The soft­ware should upgrade in 20 to 30 min­utes but adding all the apps may take longer and i would sug­gest plug­ging the device into the Mac rather than doing the upgrad­ing by wifi.