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Cod­ing ver­sus every­thing else

Sat, Jul 13, 2013
Mobile Style Work X-Code

Many devel­op­ers think that the idea or the pro­gram­ming is the key to the suc­cess of an app. It’s obvi­ously part and par­cel but there is a whole lot more involved. As i develop and release my apps i will be cov­er­ing many of the other things that need doing to ensure you have some sort of chance to sell you apps. But here for starters are some head­lines of what they need to be.

  • An idea. Yes you need an idea and prefer­ably it is not a Todo List or a weather app. Take a look at the app store and try and cre­ate some­thing orig­i­nal. Yes there is always room for an insanely great To Do app that does things now other todo app does but even if that is what you cre­ate you will find it hard to con­vince any­one that it is the case
  • Pro­gram­ming abil­ity. Well not really, i mean you could just pay some­one else to do the work for you but that is unusual. Xcode and Objec­tive C doesn’t really get any eas­ier but with all the tools Apple pro­vides it is cer­tainly less dif­fi­cult to pro­duce a good end result
  • How the app store works. Unless you are writ­ing app for jail­bro­ken phones then you have to sell it through the app store. This means you need to be a reg­is­tered devel­oper, you need cer­tifi­cates, you need to sub­mit your app to the app store for approval and pass all the cri­te­ria that Apple set etc. etc. etc. You may not like it or agree with it but you have to go with it.
  • Mar­ket­ing. Filed of Dreams. Build it and they will come. Doesn’t work hon­estly. What you need is a plan to mar­ket the app. To get reviews of it, To get peo­ple talk­ing about it. There is a lot you can do to pub­li­cise your app for noth­ing, well except some more work. There is a lot you can do for a small bud­get and lot you can do for a big bud­get. It’s a continuüm. How­ever at the free and the cheap end, if you have an app worth peo­ple time and money then you can get traction.
  • Style, design and flair. Hard to learn but really needs apply­ing to what you are doing to your app to help make it stand out. How­ever today more than ever there are many tools and web­sites where you can pickup the basic ele­ments and there may be peo­ple around who will help for free or as men­tion as long as you make this clear. Don’t tell them you are the next Angry Birds or Zynga and try to get them to do a weeks work for a pos­si­ble cut in the mas­sive future prof­its. It insults peo­ples intelligence.
  • More to come .….