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Coding versus everything else

Sat, Jul 13, 2013

Many developers think that the idea or the programming is the key to the success of an app. It’s obviously part and parcel but there is a whole lot more involved. As i develop and release my apps i will be covering many of the other things that need doing to ensure you have some sort of chance to sell you apps. But here for starters are some headlines of what they need to be.

  • An idea. Yes you need an idea and preferably it is not a Todo List or a weather app. Take a look at the app store and try and create something original. Yes there is always room for an insanely great To Do app that does things now other todo app does but even if that is what you create you will find it hard to convince anyone that it is the case
  • Programming ability. Well not really, i mean you could just pay someone else to do the work for you but that is unusual. Xcode and Objective C doesn’t really get any easier but with all the tools Apple provides it is certainly less difficult to produce a good end result
  • How the app store works. Unless you are writing app for jailbroken phones then you have to sell it through the app store. This means you need to be a registered developer, you need certificates, you need to submit your app to the app store for approval and pass all the criteria that Apple set etc. etc. etc. You may not like it or agree with it but you have to go with it.
  • Marketing. Filed of Dreams. Build it and they will come. Doesn’t work honestly. What you need is a plan to market the app. To get reviews of it, To get people talking about it. There is a lot you can do to publicise your app for nothing, well except some more work. There is a lot you can do for a small budget and lot you can do for a big budget. It’s a continuüm. However at the free and the cheap end, if you have an app worth people time and money then you can get traction.
  • Style, design and flair. Hard to learn but really needs applying to what you are doing to your app to help make it stand out. However today more than ever there are many tools and websites where you can pickup the basic elements and there may be people around who will help for free or as mention as long as you make this clear. Don’t tell them you are the next Angry Birds or Zynga and try to get them to do a weeks work for a possible cut in the massive future profits. It insults peoples intelligence.
  • More to come .….