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You some­times have to feel sorry for Microsoft

Mon, Oct 17, 2011

.…. Right or wrong or just plain mis­guided Apple man­aged to some­how get the “cool” fac­tor into every­thing they do. Much of it was by the cor­rect appli­ca­tion of good indus­trial design but also i sus­pect the abil­ity to stand back and look at what they were doing with the out­sei­ders eye. You can­not for one minute ima­gin Apple com­ing up with the Paper­clip or Mis­crosoft Bob.

Any­way saw this clip in /. and it MS try­ing to sell xboxes on the back of the iPhone 4s launch, you know the iPhone Balmer said would be a com­plete failure.

On Octo­ber 20th, Microsoft will open its 14th store in Seattle’s pop­u­lar Uni­ver­sity Vil­lage shop­ping cen­ter, where it will go head-to-head against an exist­ing Apple Store. To help build buzz for next week’s grand open­ing, Microsoft set up a tem­po­rary Kinect-equipped hut within spit­ting dis­tance of the Apple store, a guer­rilla mar­ket­ing effort designed to catch the atten­tion of the throngs flock­ing to the Apple Store for the new iPhone 4S. Microsoft will up the mar­ket­ing ante for next weekend’s grand open­ing, trans­form­ing the park­ing lot between the two stores into a con­cert venue for per­for­mances by The Black Keys and OneRe­pub­lic. Any bets on whether the con­certs will drum up more busi­ness for the Zune Mar­ket Place or the iTunes Store?”