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Drupal CLI, drush

Sun, Feb 27, 2011

Working my way into drupal and particularly drupal 7 and have stumbled across druch the command line tool. Pretty awesome .

With all the modules for Drupal it can be hard to work out what you want but here is a selection of some of the essential ones you will need.

drush/drush dl admin views cck date backup_migrate getid3 zen zenophile token pathauto captcha imageapi Wysiwyg google_analytics advanced_help ctools devel panels

One thing that puzzled me initially was that as the  list you supply to drush is space delimited how do you name a module like Chaos Tool Suite? The answer is you need the machine name. This is the internal Drupal name for the module and must be  unique, alphanumeric and underscores but no spaces. To get this click the module you require and then look at the last item in the resulting url.

So Chaos tool suite become ctools and that is what you use with drush