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Pric­ing Design Strate­gies for Software

Sun, Nov 14, 2010

OK so you have raised the VC or Angel fund­ing set on the Ruby of PHP pix­ies to craft the site, worked out a mar­ket­ing stra­egy and set up a pric­ing plan. But your won­douros new prod­uct of ser­vice is not sell­ing as it should.

Could you have been wrong? Deluded? Or per­haps you might not have laid out you price plan signup page correctly.

Well fear not here are seven rules with seven design points and exam­ples to help you over­come this problem.

1. Soften the Pricing

2. Add a Higher Pric ing Plan as a Decoy

3. Place Them in Descend ing Order

4. High light the Mid dle Plan

5. Use Strikethroughs for Absent Features

6. Down play the Free Plan

7. Quan­tify Fea­ture Power with Num­bers and Unlimited