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OpenBSD 4.8 Released

Tue, Nov 9, 2010

Want a secure solid and thor­oughly work­man­like OS? Well use OpenBSD

Theo de Raadt announces the offi­cial release of OpenBSD 4.8!

This release adds bet­ter sus­pend and resume as well as new IKE and LDAP dae­mons, a bunch of net­work and SCSI stack improve­ments and much more! See after the jump for an excerpt the full release announcement.

Place an order world­wide or order it from the shop clos­est to you, or if you only down­load from FTP then make a dona­tion. If you do FTP your release (keep in mind it will take some time for mir­rors to sync up), be sure to use a local mir­ror and not the main ftp server: