Transmission Line Noise

8 Fal­lac­ies of Dis­trib­uted Computing:

Thu, Sep 2, 2010
By their nature humans, and i usu­ally count myself as one, tend to be opti­mistic. Lets face if we were not then as a species we would prob­a­bly have stayed safely in the trees instead of wan­der­ing out onto the open savanah where we were clear lines of site for hun­gry sabre tooth’s and their ilk.
But obvi­ously some early nerd in the groups said “hey look we can get lots of food out there and it’s sun­nier so we can get a tan and hey what can go wrong?”
OK well same applies today with tech­nol­ogy and many other things but here are 8 from Wikipedia in the dis­trib­uted com­put­ing arena.
1. The net­work is reliable.
2. Latency is zero.
3. Band­width is infinite.
4. The net­work is secure.
5. Topol­ogy doesn’t change.
6. There is one administrator.
7. Trans­port cost is zero.
8. The net­work is homogeneous.