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Mobile Frame­works Landscape — Sproutcore

Thu, Aug 26, 2010
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The mobile devel­op­ment scene seems to be mov­ing apace with a range of hard­ware devices and a match­ing and dizzy­ing range of devel­op­ment plat­forms. When i say mobil devel­op­ment i am really talk­ing about iPhone, and Android and WebKit devices. Now although this can be con­sid­ered a small part of the mar­ket it seems to me to be the most inno­v­a­tive and the one that is dri­ving devel­op­ments, ini­tia­tives and pub­lic interest.

Devel­op­ment seems to be falling into a num­ber of camps.

Objective-C for native on the iPhone/Pad/Pod

Java and java tools for native on Android Phones

HTML/CSS/JavaScript Frame­works for any WebKit based.

From the early rather rough days some of these offer­ings are get­ting very solid and some are also weigh­ing with devel­op­ment front-ends to ease the pain of devel­op­ment and dare i say lock you in to their framework?

I have pre­vi­ously cov­ered some of the frame­works and will be doing an update in the near futre to do a full catch up.

Any­way two of the frame­works that i missed past time round, because they didn’t really cater for mobile devel­op­ment were Cap­puc­cino and Sprout­core. Cap­puc­cino still has no direct mobile offer­ing, i.e. touch capa­bil­ity, but Sprout­core now has.

First a bit about Sprout­core. It is a frame­work for writ­ing HTML 5 sites and JavaScript and pro­vides all the libraries and infra­struc­ture to do this. The thing that helped Sprout­core a great deal was that Apple used it to build the MobileMe plat­from and are reputed to have adopted it for much of it’s web build­ing. It is also use in iWork as well.

This is all very well but doesn’t let you build mobile apps with a touch inter­face. How­ever in April of this year Sprout­core Touch was announced. You can go to Hed­wig to see sam­ples of the ges­tures available.

Finally they announced Green­house as the tool to build the inter­faces for Sproutcore.