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Mobile Frameworks Landscape — Sproutcore

Thu, Aug 26, 2010

The mobile development scene seems to be moving apace with a range of hardware devices and a matching and dizzying range of development platforms. When i say mobil development i am really talking about iPhone, and Android and WebKit devices. Now although this can be considered a small part of the market it seems to me to be the most innovative and the one that is driving developments, initiatives and public interest.

Development seems to be falling into a number of camps.

Objective-C for native on the iPhone/Pad/Pod

Java and java tools for native on Android Phones

HTML/CSS/JavaScript Frameworks for any WebKit based.

From the early rather rough days some of these offerings are getting very solid and some are also weighing with development front-ends to ease the pain of development and dare i say lock you in to their framework?

I have previously covered some of the frameworks and will be doing an update in the near futre to do a full catch up.

Anyway two of the frameworks that i missed past time round, because they didn’t really cater for mobile development were Cappuccino and Sproutcore. Cappuccino still has no direct mobile offering, i.e. touch capability, but Sproutcore now has.

First a bit about Sproutcore. It is a framework for writing HTML 5 sites and JavaScript and provides all the libraries and infrastructure to do this. The thing that helped Sproutcore a great deal was that Apple used it to build the MobileMe platfrom and are reputed to have adopted it for much of it’s web building. It is also use in iWork as well.

This is all very well but doesn’t let you build mobile apps with a touch interface. However in April of this year Sproutcore Touch was announced. You can go to Hedwig to see samples of the gestures available.

Finally they announced Greenhouse as the tool to build the interfaces for Sproutcore.