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The work­place defined by it’s mugs

Sat, Jun 26, 2010

No not the peo­ple who work there, the ves­sels we drink out tea and cof­fee out of and their loca­tion, the KITCHEN.

Hav­ing now done some 12 years of free­lanc­ing, with some long projects and some short pro­jects i have learnt to quickly locate the tea and cof­fee facil­i­ties and the cus­toms and rit­u­als that go on around these institutions.

Not being in tune with the zeit­geist of the water­ing hole (wh) can leave one more exposed than any tech­ni­cal or per­son­al hygiene shortcomings.

The  continuüm of wh’s i have encoun­tered range from The Café Nero down the road i.e. non-existent, through anar­chic to reg­i­mented to hav­ing an actual Café Nero + Bar­rista inter­nal in the com­pany. Often is the only thing i can remem­ber years after about the project.

You get the ket­tle and a fridge, or  ket­tle and no fridge, so pow­dered milk, through to bet­ter sup­plies of milk in three dif­fer­ent strengths (red, green and blue),

From a bewil­der­ing array of chipped mugs to only the pris­tine cor­po­rate logo’d mugs.

From wash it your­self if you dare to a dish­washer pro­vided with (ignored) rota to full cleaner and maid service.

Actu­ally after writ­ing this and then try­ing to think what it says about the com­pany i don’t think it does say any­thing it is just one of those bewil­der­ing things that happens.