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Adobe vs Apple and <span class="caps">HTML5</span> vs Flash Arguments

Wed, Jun 2, 2010
iPad iPhone

A recent MacJury Pod­cast two parter #1009 and #1010 was devoted to the Flash/Apple argu­ments and Apple not allow­ing Flash on the i devices.

The argu­ments for and against were rea­son­able but missed com­pletely on aspect, in my view, that of the con­trol of the device and it’s inher­ent UI.

The iPod/Pad/Phone’s are all non key­board, non mouse devices. They rely on a com­plex inter­ac­tion and ges­tur­ing on the con­trol face of the device. Flash is inher­ently rooted in the older Keyboard/Mouse par­a­digm for usage. How­ever none of this was raised in the two episodes.

Flash as a sim­ple vehi­cle to deliver video might in itself be OK on the iP**‘s but to make an appli­ca­tion the designer will need to dupli­cate all the work Apple has done to make the devices what they are  and to me there would seem littl point in that.