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<span class="caps">OSX</span> Direc­tory Bundles

Mon, May 31, 2010

OSX has a spe­cial way of treat­ing some direc­to­ries by not show­ing you all the files in the direc­tory but by just show­ing you the top level direc­tory name. Appli­ca­tions, frame­works and plu­g­ins are usu­ally treated this way.

The bun­dle will react in dif­fer­ent ways when it is double clicked.

  • dot app — Apps / Appli­ca­tions will launch (Doh!) obviously.
  • dot dcproj launched a dash­board project
  • dot ite is for an iTunes Exten­sion and dou­ble click­ing it will launch it in iTunes
  • dot itlp is for iTunes LP and dou­ble click­ing it will launch it in iTunes

To see any bundle’s raw files then right click on the file and in the menu select “Show Pack­age Con­tents”. This will open a new finder win­dow with the file shown. Bun­dles can also be opened like a project. For exam­ple if you open a dot itlp or a dah­code pack­age with Text­Mate it will open it as though it is a Text­Mate project.