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adlib and pastrykit

Tue, Apr 20, 2010
iPhone Mobile

Both of these items have been knock­ing around the media or a few weeks. Pas­trykit first and since the launch of the iPad Adlib.

What are they? Well they appear to be javascript frame­works to pro­duce iPhone and iPad apps that iden­ti­cally mimic the UI of native Cocoa built apps. I am not going to add any links here as there are plenty out there in the wild and you can google it yourself.

But what is in the wild? There is a lot of spec­u­la­tion as to what the kits are for and there is some revers engi­neered code libraries. But no word from Apple.

Per­son­ally i think this is part of the the Apple “No Flash” cam­paign and the move to ensure more open stan­dards and to push HTML 5 plus css 3 to achieve the same ends.

Watch­ing the iPhone 4 beta release i think Jobs was hint­ing in the iAd sec­tion  when he was demon­strat­ing the  inter­sti­tial ads  that there was some­thing on the way. ANother inter­est­ing straw in the wind is the fact that noth­ing but native objec­tive c and cocoa app will be allowed on the plat­forms in future.