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<span class="caps">PHP</span> 5.3 — Snow Leopard

Sat, Nov 28, 2009

Snow Leop­ard updated me to PHP 5.3 ok but it didn’t leave me with a work­ing php.ini. Just the php.ini.default.

The main upshot of this was bro­ken date and thus bro­ken header errors all over the shop. Rename the dea­f­ult to just php.ini (in /private/etc/ usu­ally) and got into it uncom­ment the date.timezone =  and set it to your time­zone. Will look some­thing like this


; Defines the default time­zone used by the date functions

; http://​php​.net/​d​a​t​e​.​t​i​m​e​z​one

date.timezone = Europe/London

then remem­ber to restart the web server, go to sys­tem preference/sharing and uncheck and then check Web Sharing