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Using Dash­code and keep los­ing code?

Tue, Oct 6, 2009

Well remem­ber Dash­code has a “View/Start Code Gen­er­a­tor”  and a “View/Stop Code Gen­er­a­tor”  when the code gen­er­a­tor is run­ning then it does use­ful things like when you cre­ate a new but­ton or any other com­po­nent it will fill it all out in the cor­rect areas od Dash­code so you can then go and mod­ify the data.

How­ever some­times when you have it run­ning and you decide to reb=name a few items after you have added cus­tomised code it will most thought­fully remove your cus­tomised code for , leav­ing you with a sort of neg­a­tive deja-vu.

The trick is to remem­ber to switch the gen­er­a­tor on and of at crit­i­cal times.

For instance if you want to drag a com­po­nent to a new loca­tion and line it up, then you need the gen­er­a­tor on els it stops you doing it.

I am using the Snow Leop­ard ver­sion which seems to have a few new bells knobs and whis­tles which i don’t seem t o be able to locate any Apple doc­u­men­ta­tion on as yet.