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Dash­code Devel­op­ment Fit the First

Mon, Sep 7, 2009

Devel­op­ing in Dash­code for the Mac. It’s a bit like the Curates Egg. Good in parts and rot­ten in oth­ers. Any­way needed to get 50 or so images in and the import facil­ity to add them one at a time was look­ing quite painfully slow.
Tried open­ing the pack­age up in Finder and copy­ing them in, no go. Opened the project up in Text­Mate and adding files but still the Dash­code would not accept them. Also remem­bered to turn off code gen­er­a­tion as i thought that might be doing it but no. In the end i found i could drag and drop into dash­code project from finder.