Transmission Line Noise

Last Thurs­day

Mon, Dec 29, 2008

Its a long story but i man­age a site called Last Thurs­day The site was orig­i­nally formed as some­thing of a break­away from the Ecad­emy and it gained quite a head of steam within a fairly closed com­mu­nity. After a while of look­ing at ways of mon­e­tiz­ing it the orig­i­nal founders bowed out and another Ecad­emy mem­ber took over, changed the name to First Mon­day, spent a lot of money on improve­ments and then attempted to mon­e­tize it but was not suc­cess­ful. At that point the site was going to be closed but a group got together to keep the site going and i took it over to man­age and host it.

The site runs Dru­pal and was orig­i­nally ver­sion 4.7. I then upgrade to 5.2 and over Christ­mas went to ver­sion 6.

The upgrade was pretty straight for­ward but Dru­pal did throw a few wob­blers at me and the site mem­bers which are rem­i­nis­cent of herd­ing cats also threw their usual sets of wob­blers at me.

I have got it sta­ble by now but will need to do some more work on it to really qui­eten it down.