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mac wid­gets

Fri, Dec 26, 2008

been work­ing for a while on mac dash­board wid­gets. quite an eye opener in terms of mar­ket and opportunity.

using the mac dash­code tool i built a cheat sheet type wid­get with all the main vi com­mands. ini­tially just released it to mac’s down­load site. how­ever when i updated and got rid of the errors and dupli­ca­tion i also switched ana­lyt­ics on and saw quite a spike in vis­its. turns out that sev­eral other site had picked it up and added it to their sites. one of these help­fully puts the down­load stats on line for the devel­oper and i could see that about 300+ had been downloaded.

encour­aged by this i released three more. sed, awk and grep in the same for­mat. and over christ­mas i com­bined sed and awk into one wid­get to save dashboard space.

At the cur­rent moment the down­loads from this site are

  • vi 604
  • sed 309
  • awk 288
  • grep 325
  • sed+awk 287

the last one was some­thing of a sur­prise as i released i about 18:00 on christ­mas day and the fig­ure had got to that by 22:00 on box­ing day. so quite quick growth.

next i plan to release them as iPhone/iPod applications.