Transmission Line Noise

con­sol­i­da­tion 2009

Fri, Dec 26, 2008

i was try­ing to keep sev­eral blogs going on dif­fer­ent sub­jects but it is just too much effort and as no one reads them , ulti­mately futile. So i am con­sol­i­dat­ing under howitt​.com. this will cover my own per­sonal blog­ging as well as aranaio, par­lence and phpframeworks.

aranaio was/is my com­pany from when i was con­tract­ing. i am still doing my own devel­op­ment work to explore dif­fer­ent avenues than my full time job give me. most of this is now on mac osx, iPhone and iPod devel­op­ment. small scale works that can be devel­oped and deliv­ered quickly.

par­lence is a longer term devel­op­ment that lets you man­age the text and trans­la­tion of a web­site get­ting closer to com­ple­tion but seems to keep morphing.

phpframe­works dates from my period of being besot­ted with frame­works which lated up to the point of get­ting a job imple­ment­ing sym­fony sites and try­ing to deliver a large project in codeigniter.