Transmission Line Noise


Sat, Dec 29, 2007

. So a bit of a gap between all this. Well back in the ‘Smoke’ Lon­don was nice and work­ing in the East End, of Brick Lane so again inter­est­ing areas. Just a short con­tract with a dig­i­tal media ori­ented com­pany to take the baton from one pro­gram­mer and hand it to the next and at least keep pace in the inter­ven­ing period.
Not a real prob­lem and because another con­trac­tor flounced out i ended up doing two sites one in French/English the other in Chinese/English.
Good place to work even if they played on the Wii a lot, rode around the office on their bikes and some brought their dogs in.

From there should have gone to Ende­mol but had what i thught was a bet­ter offer and any­way Shep­herds Bush is crap.

So went to an agency again in Bermond­sey. Ok peo­ple apart from the fanat­i­cal “Sym­fony is the only way to go pro­gram­mer” who was in real­ity ok and put him­self out to help but using a major frame­work to do a 10 page web site is not on, really, not on.

So after that headed East to the wilds of Bat­tersea to work on really cool finan­cial sys­tems with a really laid back bunch of guys.