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Fri, Apr 6, 2007
Miscellaneous Work

.…. seri­ously good tool. Quote “The Aptana IDE is a free, open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript-focused devel­op­ment envi­ron­ment for build­ing Ajax appli­ca­tions. It fea­tures code assist on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS lan­guages, FTP/SFTP sup­port and a JavaScript debug­ger to trou­bleshoot your code.”

As i work on Mac, Win­dows (spit­ting sound) and Linux at var­i­ous machines in var­i­ous offices i need a portable kit to take some of the learn­ing curve out of my life. Recently i nearly choked on Dreamweaver. I mean it’s ok but like mot MS based stuff it does what some­one from Red­mond or Wash­ing­ton or wher­ever wants it to do to do not what i, in Not­ting­ham, Paris or Flo­rence wants to do.

Usu­ally i use Eclipse and plug Aptana in but recently been using Aptana on it’s own.