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Add your own trails on the web and add comments

Sat, Mar 24, 2007


From the site

Trail­fire enables you to dis­cover the web through the exper­tise of oth­ers. Fol­low a trail and find what you need. Or share your own exper­tise by mak­ing a trail of web pages.

Mak­ing trails is easy. Place a ‘trail mark’ (like a ‘post-it’ note) on a page with your com­ments. A trail mark can con­tain text, images, videos and other media types. When you give sev­eral marks the same ‘trail name’ you are form­ing your own nav­i­ga­tion path on the web. We call this a ‘Trail’. Trails can be pri­vate or pub­lic. Trails can be shared via email, by post­ing them on any web­site, or by pub­lish­ing them on Trail​fire​.com.

Use trails to guide peo­ple on the web

» rec­om­mend travel des­ti­na­tions
» edu­cate some­one about a topic
» com­ment on a page and send it to a friend
» review a prod­uct
» share your research
» just have funAny­one with a com­pat­i­ble browser can fol­low a trail. You will need to join Trail­fire to leave com­ments and rate to trails. To make your own trails and dis­cover oth­ers’ while browser, you will also need to down­load the Trail­fire tool­bar.