Transmission Line Noise

Ask the Ana­lyst, hmmm yes the dif­fi­cult questions

Tue, Mar 20, 2007
  1. What other soft­ware is available?
  2. What is the pres­sure in real com­mer­cial terms rather than want to, to have site in dif­fer­ent languages?
  3. If other soft­ware do site need rebuild­ing do trans­la­tors come with the software?
  4. Do other coun­tries or regions see the need to trans­late as more urgent than Eng­lish based sites?
  5. What is the sort of mar­ket rate some­one would pay for this sort of service?
  6. What type of companies/Customers, Big Medium Small, SME, QUANGO Cor­po­rate, Cor­po­rate Departmental?
  7. Would a low cost sub­scrip­tion model be more effec­tive than a one off pur­chase price?
  8. Would Open Sourc­ing be an option that would still make money?