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Tue, Dec 19, 2006

cre­ated by yuk­i­hiro mat­sumoto quite a while ago but get­ting devel­oper excited for all sorts of reasons.

ruby lang is the base site for get­ting ruby and infor­ma­tion about ruby.

ruby is…

a dynamic, open source pro­gram­ming lan­guage with a focus on sim­plic­ity and pro­duc­tiv­ity. it has an ele­gant syn­tax that is nat­ural to read and easy to write.

ruby on rails
is an open-source web frame­work and lets you write it quickly. again a lot of buzz about this and talk of it being a j2ee killer, well maybe. closely allied with agile development

jruby at is an 100% pure-java imple­men­ta­tion of the ruby pro­gram­ming language.

rubygems rubygems is the pre­mier ruby pack­ag­ing sys­tem. it pro­vides:
a stan­dard for­mat for destrib­ut­ing ruby pro­grams and libraries., an easy to use tool for man­ag­ing the instal­la­tion of gem pack­ages., a gem server util­ity for serv­ing gems from any machine where rubygems is installed.

ruby­forge is a home for open source ruby projects shed loads of ruby gems

radrails radrails is an eclipse-based ruby on rails ide.

ruby on symbian

what is mon­grel? mon­grel is a fast http library and server for ruby that is intended for host­ing ruby web appli­ca­tions of any kind using plain http rather than fastcgi or scgi. it is frame­work agnos­tic and already sup­ports ruby on rails, og+nitro, camp­ing, and iowa frameworks.

nitro automag­i­cal web appli­ca­tions using ruby and javascript trans­par­ent object seri­al­iza­tion and life­cy­cle man­age­ment, stan­dards com­pli­ant, web 2.0 ready

camp­ing a microframework

camp­ing is a web frame­work which con­sis­tently stays at less than 4kb of code. you can prob­a­bly view the com­plete source code on a sin­gle page. but, you know, it‘s so small that, if you think about it, what can it really do?

the idea here is to store a com­plete fledg­ling web appli­ca­tion in a sin­gle file like many small cgis. but to orga­nize it as a model-view-controller appli­ca­tion like rails does. you can then eas­ily move it to rails once you‘ve got it going.