Transmission Line Noise


Wed, Jul 26, 2006
It seems to have become a recent phe­nom­e­non to con­sume water, from plas­tic bot­tles, on a semi con­tin­u­ous basis. Cur­rently trav­el­ing a lot on the tube in Lon­don and trains and they are using the pub­lic address sys­tems to tell peo­ple to carry water. Indeed my own fam­ily even on short jour­neys look as though they are about to take on the Tak­la­makan rather than Not­ting­ham High St.

We all seem to have fallen for this scare tac­tic of ‘dehy­dra­tion’ gen­er­ated by quack new age guru’s care­fully nur­tured by the bot­tled water com­pa­nies and need to con­stantly drink water to ward it of.

Only a few years ago and cer­tainly in my youth no-one in their right mind hauled water around in the prodi­gious quan­ti­ties that we now do yet i do not seem to remem­ber skele­tons in the hight st or any ill effects being felt.