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Transmission Line Noise

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grammer and Developer Go, Python PostgreSQL, SqLite, Mysql, Mongo, Redis, Cayley AWS stuff, S3, Lambda, Neptune, RDS, SES etc You can get hold of me at jmhowitt at mac dot com or on twitter @p

Word of the day

anacoluthon A sentence or construction in which the expected grammatical sequence is absent, for example while in the garden, the door banged shut.

Apache TinkerPop Gremlin and SPARQL

uick overview of Apache TinkerPop, Gremlin, SPARQL Apache TinkerPop™ is a graph computing framework for both graph databases (OLTP) and graph analytic systems (OLAP). Gremlin is the graph traversal

Neptune Managed Graph Database

t is Neptune? “Amazon Neptune is a fast, reliable, fully managed graph database service that makes it easy to build and run applications that work with highly connected datasets. The core of

Drupal and Calendars

ng Calendars in Drupal? I recently had a job to do which involved adding calendars to Drupal. As often happens the company buying the web site had one person on the team who insisted on using a pla


graph database anyone. …… ? Looking for a graph datastore for Go then look at CayLey CayLey Built with Go so fits right in to the infrastructure. You can use some of the others and no

Gephi Go

t to visualise CayLey? As with any set of complex data structures it can be hard to visualise the raw data. More to come soon. Gephi Gephi is an open-source software for visualizing and analysing l


Package Manager Are you used to tools such as Cargo, npm, Composer, Nuget, Pip, Maven, Bundler, or other modern package managers? If so, Glide is the comparable Go tool. Glid A Go Package Manager

What is this in Go 01?

Golang <- Used to load a channel

Native or Web or Compiled SPWA Choices?

ive or Web or Compiled SPWA? Choices. Which devices? I think this is easy. Android and IoS they are effectively the only players in the market. More choices. Native or Web. It would appear Steve Jo

Timeliness of information

ceptions of Timeliness or Just not in time Production Planning Computerisation In the mid 1980’s I took over the Production Planning and Control Department of a company called Charcon. Charcon manu


TBWDHT I suddenly realise that i am missing out on a whole new career by not inventing a new software testing methodology. This would involve fame, invites to conferences in exotic locations such a

The seven hills of Rome

troduction Rome was reputedly built on seven hills, as were Constantinople, Norwich and High Wycombe The english rendering of the names is Aventine Caelian Esquiline Quirinal Viminal Capitoline Pal

Podcasts you might like

roduction Not really like me as i tend not to give my opinion but i thought why not go out on a limb and show my taste, or lack of it. The following are in no particular order and i am not giving t

Microsoft and Bash

why not just use Bash or any other Unix Shell? Announcement from MS &ldquo;Earlier this week the Microsoft announced that they will be adding SSH support to their PowerShell task automation and co

Notes on using Heroku

es on using Heroku In my new job the company have created a Flask application that acts as a gateway/api between Apple or Android mobile devices and a secure backend server. The users of the app ar

Apple Swift

le Swift Notes Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere you cannot have missed the new language from Alles for iOS 8 development (and soon the OS X platform) and the attendant hoo-ha. Surpri

Google PhotoSphere

entially Street View on your phone In this case an iPhone 5. When you fire it up it gives you an orange dot to line up on to take the first image then as you move the camera it produces more orange

On Agencies

t Agency Job Descriptions really mean This is both ones written by the company or the Digital Agency or the recruitment agnecy N.B. All agencies are &ldquo;Digital&rdquo; there are not more Analog

iOS8 Uptake

Hows it going for Apple? Well according to Mixpanel they are over the 60% adoption rate. I suspect the glitch with 8.0.1 will slow it down a fraction but not noticably.

Byzantine Fault Tolerance

blems and solutions? Recently i came across a couple of items that stuck in my mind initially because they had &lsquo;funny&rsquo; names. One was &lsquo;Byzantine Fault Tolerance&rsquo; and the sec

Com­plex Data

l sort of. I don’t really bother to prune my emails so one of my mail­boxes has in excess of 14,000 mails, I really don’t need them but they are no has­sle, they just sit there talk­ing among them­

Bloom Fil­ters and how they work


Are you Gruntled?

re gas been some discussion as to if you can be “Dis­grun­tled” whether or not you can be “Grun­tled” or if some gases are “Inert” can oth­ers be “Ert” … well pon­der in the fog and miasma of igno­

On Hero’s

What is it with Hero and pro­gram­mers? I hear “Hero in chief”, “Heroic Coders” and now there is “Heroic Bootstrap” Leave it out. Grow up.

Beau­ti­ful Book

Codex Seraphini­anus: History’s Most Bizarre and Beau­ti­ful Ency­clo­pe­dia, Brought Back to Life Codex Seraphini­anus

Byzan­tine Fault Tolerance

m very inter­ested in the Roman Empire and it’s his­tory, espe­cially when the East­ern part of the empire becomes what we today call the Byzan­tine Empire. They never called them­selves that, they

iOS7 Uptake

Start­ing around 08:00 on Weds 18th Sept iOS7 uptake was about 2.7%. By today, Sat­ur­day 21st at around 03:00 iOS7 and iOS6 crossed over and 7 rose above 50% Wow. Fig­ures from Mix­panel


no par­tic­u­lar order check the logs and the error logs? reboot your machine? are all the ser­vices running? are you on the right server? are the data­base pass­word correct? are you on the cor­r

Word of the day — Skeuomorph

Skeuo­morph is com­pounded from the Greek skeuos (con­tainer or tool), and mor­phê (shape).

iCloud goes iOS7 (well some of it)

you want to get a flavour of iOS7 with­out going the beta route then log into Apple iCloud beta because it has be iOS7’d. Mail, Cal­en­dar, Con­tacts, Notes and Reminders have all had the makeover.

iOS7 Beta’s

l did the whole world know except me about being able to upgrade the beta soft­ware through settings/general/software update? I started with the third beta on a 5th gen iPod touch. Backed up my iPh

Han­dling and Stor­ing Data in iOS

ro My expe­ri­ence over the last few years has been that of con­nect­ing to one or other of the data­bases web devel­op­ers are accus­tomed to con­nect­ing to. So MySQL Post­greSQL, Redis, Mongo et

Apple devel­oper cen­tre hack

v­ing aside the what, why, where and when the dev cen­tre is still not back up. How­ever Apple has a page up show­ing the sta­tus as ser­vices slowly come back on line. The page can be accessed her


s is not a definitive list but is the one that i use the most frequently as it a) gives me access to books and also b) it gives me a view of where tech is going. In general publishers are there to

iBooks alter­na­tive?

t a really good alter­na­tive to iBooks on you iPad? Read­mill is a cool alternative. Except of course since i posted this Readmill has shuttered so hey-ho back to iBooks Read­mill, a Berlin, Germa

Rec­om­mended Read­ing — Non Technical

st I would sug­gest not buy­ing any tech­ni­cal books around iOS and iPhones as they will all be chang­ing soon to accom­mo­date the upgrade to iOS7. This is prob­a­bly why there are a lot of sales

Coding versus everything else

y developers think that the idea or the programming is the key to the success of an app. It’s obviously part and parcel but there is a whole lot more involved. As i develop and release my apps i wi

Get­ting and installing the beta

main thing to note is that i am con­cen­trat­ing on the iOS side of things. Cur­rently Apple has two major betas on the boil, iOS and the new OSX Mav­er­icks, or SeaLion as some peo­ple like to ca

App devel­op­ment

lst i am nowhere near fin­ished with web devel­op­ment i am mak­ing the shift as a mat­ter of choice into app devel­op­ment. And at least ini­tially iPhone and iPad devel­op­ment. Whilst it was a b

Sun and coding

I don’t think that the two actu­ally mix very well.

From Imper­a­tive to Func­tional: how to make the leap

a num­ber of rea­sons func­tional lan­guages are mak­ing inroads into every­day pro­gram­ming. Although not inher­ently more com­pli­cated that pro­ce­dural lan­guages there seems to be a con­cep­

While we are on the sub­ject of Haskell , here is HAKYLL

gen­er­ates sta­tic blogs. So instead of using Word­Press or the like, you write the arti­cle on your local machine, usu­ally in a markup of your choice and then com­pile t to sta­tic HTML and uplo

Adopted Pomodoro

lly not been work­ing very suc­cess­fully recently, doing a lot , all over the place but not mak­ing progress. So looked at the pomodoro tech­nique, got a nice timer app for the iPhone and it seems

The Bayeux Whiteboards

e across a new wrin­kle for issue solv­ing at a pre­vi­ous com­pany. Rahter than orga­niae, pri­ori­tise and sum­marise the prob­lems set they decided to write out each one on a white­board and the


­sagePack is an effi­cient binary seri­al­iza­tion for­mat. It lets you exchange data among mul­ti­ple lan­guages like JSON but it’s faster and smaller. For exam­ple, small inte­gers (like flags or

ok so clap

online col­lab­o­ra­tion tool. okso­clap

Angualr dot js

still umming and ahing about which javascript frame­work to use but angu­lar has a lot going for it

AngularJS Now Hosted on Google CDN

Need i say more?

Twit­ter boot­strap .…. where did that come from?

Well yes Twit­ter Doh! But i only just heard of it and every­one else is mak­ing like it is old news. Check it out.


­ple json storage a &lt;a href=&quot;;utm_medium=email&quot; target=&quot;_blank&quot;&gt;lawnchair&lt;/a&gt; is sorta like a couch except

Cap­puc­cino 0.9.5 Released

ay we are extremely excited to announce Cap­puc­cino 0.9.5, fea­tur­ing over 90 new fea­tures and improve­ments in addi­tion to numer­ous bug fixes. Here are some of the new fea­tures we think youâ

You some­times have to feel sorry for Microsoft

Right or wrong or just plain mis­guided Apple man­aged to some­how get the “cool” fac­tor into every­thing they do. Much of it was by the cor­rect appli­ca­tion of good indus­trial design but also

Node js

t a point when using npm you can do two types of install. A local for the appli­ca­tion you are writ­ing and a global for use at the com­mand line. The rule being … “Install locally for require().

CtaScb 6 — Krumo

put it sim­ply, Krumo is a replace­ment for print_r() and var_dump(). By def­i­n­i­tion Krumo is a debug­ging tool (ini­tially for PHP4/PHP5, now for PHP5only), which dis­plays struc­tured in

Should i use a NoSQL Data Store?

ce NoSQL became a trendy term you often see this sort of post in var­i­ous blogs and forums. “We are build­ing a new appli­ca­tion and we are con­sid­er­ing using NoSQL(Trendy NoSQL name here) as t

CtaScb 5

Short on here a js cdn that serves up and com­mu­nity voted js library and then keeps it for­ever. Cool cdn js it does what it says on the tin

Mul­ti­lin­gual web sites

ave not seen another one and prob­a­bly for the fol­low­ing rea­son. In spite of what it says on the Sim­plePO web site trans­la­tors do not like and often will not work on side by side trans­la­ti

Another piece of Sun falls off the good ship Oracle

inte­grated build plat­form “Hud­son.” has been gar­risoned by Ora­cle. Either fed up with the infight­ing that had led to the spin-off “Jenk­ins” project, or sim­ply unable to fig­ure out a way t

CTaSCB — 4

those of us using Sym­fony we have got used to the excel­lent debug bar that lets us work out where we are and what we are doing. Cur­rently work­ing on a Zend Frame­work project i was miss­ing it

Cooler than a snowman’s cool bits — 3

JSON Visu­al­i­sa­tion JSON, the poor mans XML. Lets face it if you want to see it then you want to see it.


to access the con­sole com­mand on S2. Once you have the sand­box up and run­ning or an instal­la­tion of Symfony2 then on the com­mand line go into the app direc­tory and type php console This wi

Symfony2 Cheat Sheet

For the Symfony2 con­sole commands symfony2

Drupal CLI, drush

king my way into drupal and particularly drupal 7 and have stumbled across druch the command line tool. Pretty awesome . With all the modules for Drupal it can be hard to work out what you want but


Upgrades it’s repo from CVS to GIT. Thats a big leap. One small setp for Dru­pal, one giant (small) step for coders.

Cooler than a snowman’s cool bits — 2

­tope is An exquis­ite jQuery plu­gin for mag­i­cal layouts Reveal & hide items with filtering Re–order items with sorting Dynamic, intel­li­gent layouts Cap­ti­vat­ing animations Sort

Brer Rab­bit and Taring

Tar is a very com­monly used archiv­ing for­mat on Linux sys­tems. The advan­tage with tar is that it con­sumes very lit­tle time and CPU to com­press files, but the com­pres­sion isn’t very muc

Cooler than a snowman’s cool bits — 1

When you want a short URL or some­thing big, Domainr will find it, fast.

Top ten rea­sons why I won’t use your open source project

Wyn Nether­land on The Changelog Apolo­gies for the loaded head­line. It’s a hat tip to the Twit­ter how-to arti­cles that taught us the ben­e­fits of set­ting our avatars, writ­ing a witty bios

Pop­u­lat­ing a Sym­fony drop down from a database

eally didn’t like Sym­fony when i first used it but in the inter­ven­ing period it has grown up and so have i. I am cur­rently using ver­sion 1.4 and really get­ting to grips with it. As i try to u

Sony Adopts Objective-C and GNUstep Frameworks

y&rsquo;s Networked Application Platform — SNAP to you and me, seems an interesting move for Sony adopting as it does the open source version of what is essentially powering Apple and it’s devices.

a bit of light relief

Go to google maps and in direc­tion put China and Japan and look at step 41.

kCode for Text­Mate — the ulti­mate Text­Mate zen bundle

Get it from here. Also see more on sparkup here.

Pric­ing Design Strate­gies for Software

so you have raised the VC or Angel fund­ing set on the Ruby of PHP pix­ies to craft the site, worked out a mar­ket­ing stra­egy and set up a pric­ing plan. But your won­douros new prod­uct of ser­v

OpenBSD 4.8 Released

t a secure solid and thor­oughly work­man­like OS? Well use OpenBSD Theo de Raadt announces the offi­cial release of OpenBSD 4.8! This release adds bet­ter sus­pend and resume as well as new IKE a


id is a lit­tle tool that inserts a grid onto the Web page. You can hold the grid in place and tog­gle it between the fore­ground and back­ground. To dis­play the grid, just press a hot key on your

sparkup, a parser for con­densed markup

s is really neat and expands css like code to fully hydrated code at the stroke of a cou­ple of but­tons. If you are using tex­mate then ^e (i am on a mac remem­ber) wil turn this ul.feature-list &

This looks like a useful tool

­zle is com­pletely stand­alone (no library depen­den­cies) and has com­pet­i­tive per­for­mance for most fre­quently used selec­tors. It is only 4KB mini­fied and gzipped is highly exten­si­ble wi

This looks like a use­ful tool — Modernizr

­ern­izr adds classes to the &lt;html&gt; ele­ment which allow you to tar­get spe­cific browser func­tion­al­ity in your stylesheet. You don’t actu­al­ly need to write any Javascript to use it. M

Peri­odic table of HTML elements

y things get explained by using a lay­out sim­i­lar to the Peri­odic Table for Ele­ments but this is “Peri­odic Table for HTML 5 Ele­ments”. Not sure that all of them work or even that this one wor

8 Fal­lac­ies of Dis­trib­uted Computing:

their nature humans, and i usu­ally count myself as one, tend to be opti­mistic. Lets face if we were not then as a species we would prob­a­bly have stayed safely in the trees instead of wan­der­in

Google search now finds SVG documents

can now use Google search to find SVG doc­u­ments. SVG is an open, XML-based for­mat for vec­tor graph­ics with sup­port for inter­ac­tive elements. Goole indexes SVG con­tent whether it is in a 

This looks like a useful tool

P Client .. A Mac OS X Leop­ard devel­oper tool for debug­ging HTTP ser­vices by graph­i­cally cre­at­ing &amp; inspect­ing com­plex HTTP messages. Features: HTTP meth­ods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE,

sprout­core gen­er­a­tor cheat sheet

out­Core is an HTML5 appli­ca­tion frame­work for build­ing respon­sive, desktop-caliber apps in any mod­ern web browser, with­out plu­g­ins. This is a cheat sheet i put together for myself in the

Mobile Frameworks Landscape — Sproutcore

mobile development scene seems to be moving apace with a range of hardware devices and a matching and dizzying range of development platforms. When i say mobil development i am really talking abou

Motorola acquires app devel­oper 280 North

e and here. The price has been con­firmed at around$20,000,000 dol­lars which is not dab for the orig­i­nal $250,000 injected into it. A lot of Motorola’s recent suc­cess has been through Android d


s is a reset stylesheet which unlike Meyer’s or YUI’s not only removes the default styling of HTML ele­ments, but also rebuilds the new generic rules for the typog­ra­phy, head­ings, para­graph

Text­Mate vs Net­Beans vs Eclipse vs Zend Studio

r­ever pos­si­ble i develop on a Mac. I’m not an Apple fan­boy as such but there are cer­tain aspects of the hard­ware and the soft­ware plat­form that i like and gen­er­ally the whole devel­op­men

librocu­bic­u­lar­ist .….

.….. some­one who reads in bed. Me!

CouchDB on a Postit

All you need to know .…… CouchDB on a postit

The Pos­tit ver­sion of MVC

Craig explains MVC .… Craig explains MVC

.DS_Store, Macs and Mercurial

a mat­ter of choice i develop on Mac’s, it’s a long story and i won’t bore you with it and i have moved my VCS to Mer­cu­r­ial from SVN, that’s a shorter story but not for now. How­ever when clonin

Com­mut­ing …

­rently work­ing locally to where i live so my com­mute time has dropped pre­cip­i­tously to about 20 min­utes each way. How­ever when doing the pre­vi­ous 6 months, 90 min­utes each way com­mutes

Google Chrome and Chromium

can get : .. Chromium and Chromium OS Projects from here Google Chrome from here Lat­est releases (all platforms) Taken from Wikipedia Chromium is the open source web browser project from

Project Man­age­ment — a ques­tion from a friend .….

the answer for­tu­nately i rarely have to use it and eased myself back to hum­ble pro­gram­mer and let other peo­ple take the heat. 1) I do like the loosely applied agile method­ol­ogy of the par­t

This looks like a useful tool

e Pilot extends Xcode by adding swift nav­i­ga­tion through files and other parts of your project. Thanks to a fuzzy search mech­a­nism and an advanced scor­ing sys­tem for the search results, Cod

This looks like a useful tool

re­di­ents is a free browser for Apple’s doc­u­men­ta­tion. It’s still under devel­op­ment, but today’s beta lets you: View iPhone and Mac docs Search Mac-related websites Fil­ter classes/symbo


in going to and from work. Never thought about it till the other day but a+b is com­mu­ta­tive and is the same as b+a. So very much like “commuting” Any­way, unless some­thing hap­pens, last day of

This looks like a useful tool

ular Expressions. Really useful but like reading Cuneiform. THis tool lets you enter and test them. Analyse the various elements of the expression, save your expressions and share them with and s

A quick can­ter through some Cap­puc­cino related terms and products

en when dis­cussing a tech­nol­ogy those famil­iar with it will use terms that the neo­phyte user will puz­zle over. Here are some short expla­na­tions of often used terms in Cap­puc­ci­no con

The work­place defined by it’s mugs

not the peo­ple who work there, the ves­sels we drink out tea and cof­fee out of and their loca­tion, the KITCHEN. Hav­ing now done some 12 years of free­lanc­ing, with some long projects and some

Build­ing an <span class="caps">ADLIB</span> Application

Neat post here from Chris Moyer dis­sect­ing AdLib and giv­ing a tuo­r­ial, with code on build­ing an application.

iTunes LP, iTunes Extra & TuneKit

nes LP (itlp)  and iTunes Extras (ite) are inter­ac­tive expe­ri­ences cre­ated to accom­pany music and movies. iTunes LP lets lis­ten­ers hear an album and view lyrics, liner notes, band pho­tos,

Adobe vs Apple and <span class="caps">HTML5</span> vs Flash Arguments

ecent MacJury Pod­cast two parter #1009 and #1010 was devoted to the Flash/Apple argu­ments and Apple not allow­ing Flash on the i devices. The argu­ments for and against were rea­son­able but miss

Web Tem­plates with Logic?

ave alway though that web tem­plat­ing lan­guages that have logic in them are self defeat­ing. Lets face it as pro­gram­mers we spend an inor­di­nate amount of time work­ing with MVC to ensure tha

<span class="caps">OSX</span> Direc­tory Bundles

has a spe­cial way of treat­ing some direc­to­ries by not show­ing you all the files in the direc­tory but by just show­ing you the top level direc­tory name. Appli­ca­tions, frame­works and plu­g

A brief intro­duc­tion to Cap­puc­cino tools

­puc­cino is an appli­ca­tion frame­work mod­elled on Objective-c but using Objective-j. It allows for web sites or appli­ca­tion to be built using the cap­puc­cino frame­work and then ‘com­plied’

NoSQL Article

el­lent overview of NoSQL data­bases, data storeshere includ­ing a dia­gram that makes it eas­ier to visu­al­ize what is happening. In brief the author clas­si­fies them as follows Relato joins

Pas­trykit reverse engineer

Michael Grinich has used the Apple Pas­trykiy library to knock up a small demo app. You can access it here on your iPhone/Pod and the full app code is avail­able here on GitHub.

What is Glow?

w is the BBC’s (British Broad­cast­ing Cor­po­ra­tion) in hose JavaScript library along the lines of JQuery, Scrip­tac­u­lous etc. This is not Aunty Beeb’s first library but ti is the first one the

Oh dear, no killer tablet from Mr Softy

hough it was never offi­cially acknowl­edged, Microsoft’s Courier fold­ing tablet con­cept stirred more excite­ment among tech watch­ers than any of the company’s actual recent prod­ucts. In fact,

This looks like a useful tool

­Sand­pa­per The css­Sand­pa­per JavaScript library looks at the stylesheets in an HTML doc­u­ment and, where pos­si­ble, smooths out the browser dif­fer­ences between CSS3 prop­er­tieslike transf

iPhone 4 hand­set in the wild

So do we believe that some left something that important in a bar? Or did Apple mock something up and then plant it to throw people of the scent? Or am i just indulging in conspiracy theory?

adlib and pastrykit

h of these items have been knock­ing around the media or a few weeks. Pas­trykit first and since the launch of the iPad Adlib. What are they? Well they appear to be javascript frame­works to pro­du

<span class="caps">PHP</span> Stops Work­ing — Snow Leopard

i do some­thing dumb or did some­thing update my sys­tem. It appears that php stopped work­ing and i had to ho into httpd.conf and uncom­ment (again) the php lib so. Now php has been run­ning on m

been work­ing on a Mac .…..

for a few years now so have got­ten very used to the dif­fer­ent key­strokes. Now i have two pieces of work which are no remote win­dows servers. One i con­nect through Log­mein and the other with

if the com­mand line on <span class="caps">UNIX</span> was a girl .…..

.….. i would marry her!

Mobile device devel­op­ment frameworks.

h the increase in the use of more ver­sa­tile mobile plat­forms espe­cially the iPhone (plus the hype) there are as one would expect a num­ber of devel­op­ers cre­at­ing “Frame­works” to speed up t

Think­ing of imple­ment­ing a multi-lingual web site?

a tech­ni­cal front not a lot, you can use a frame­work like Zend or Kohana or Rails etc. which usu­ally have the abil­ity to replace the con­tent with tags and then fill the tag with the lan­guage

Fizz Buzz test

a job inter­view the other day i came across the fizz buzz test in the wild for the first time. Sim­ple lit­tle thing but seems to floor people. In case you have not seen it you out­put the num­ber

iPhone web frame­works and Pastrykit

el­op­ment of web based sites tar­geted at the iPhone/iPod Touch has increased allow­ing for faster to mar­ket paths and avoid­ing the eso­teric niceties of the app store sub­mis­sion process. I su

Revers­ing <span class="caps">MD5</span>

e is an inter­est­ing one from the not very lead­ing edge. When you add a pass­word to a site it is often encrypted with and MD5 hash this mean that a word like ‘leonie’ is con­verted into a string

.… and add one .……

.….. on the First.

Well .……

.…… got to do a post on the last day of the year. Happy new year everyone.

iPhone Development Frameworks

might be expected a slew of frame­works are appear­ing that allow iPhone and other mobile plat­form devel­op­ment with­out nec­es­sar­ily need­ing to learn the very hard­core ele­ments of pro­gram­

The chimes at midnight

ive approx­i­mately three miles from the cen­tre of Not­ting­ham and usu­ally can­not hear the bell chim­ing the hour in the town hall in the cen­tre of the city. How­ever today, with it being clar

Ver­sion Con­trol Systems

ro­duc­tion Just some overview notes on the subject. Which VCS? There are many vcs’s around both free and paid for. The type of VCS while impor­tant is not as impor­tant as actu­ally using. From

<span class="caps">PHP</span> 5.3 — Snow Leopard

w Leop­ard updated me to PHP 5.3 ok but it didn’t leave me with a work­ing php.ini. Just the php.ini.default. The main upshot of this was bro­ken date and thus bro­ken header errors all over the sh

Apple Down­loads — Aranaio is num­ber one

as com­mis­sioned to pro­duce a Mac Dash­board Cur­rency Con­verter Wid­get for World First (excel­lent com­pany) which i duly did and at the moment (early Novem­ber) it is not only the fea­tured d

Mac Wid­get Preferences

Ever won­dered where they are stored. Well won­der no longer they are in /Users/username/Library/Preferences

What is the x graphic in the top left hand cor­ner of Dashcode?

s one.You can drag and drop it around. It didn’t seem to do any­thing. I thought it might be the point that the wid­get flipped round. Well none of those it is just an indi­ca­tor that the code gen

Copy­ing, cut­ting & past­ing columns

so it has to be on a Mac but in many appli­ca­tions, Word, TextE­dit, Text­mate, Dash­code you can select in col­umn mode or indeed any arbitary area of text by hold­ing down the option key and the

Twit­ter feeds in Snow Leop­ard and Dash­code with REST

s is a bit long winded but it might help someone. I needed to add a twit­ter feed to a Dash­code, Dash­board Wid­get. I had recently upgraded to Snow Leop­ard and i am sure that before i did so the

Using Dash­code and keep los­ing code?

l remem­ber Dash­code has a “View/Start Code Gen­er­a­tor”  and a “View/Stop Code Gen­er­a­tor”  when the code gen­er­a­tor is run­ning then it does use­ful things like when you cre­ate a new bu

edit­ing in apple dash­board / dashcode?

edit­ing in apple dash­board? hold down the alt key & the cur­sor becomes a cross + & you can select by col­umn rather than line. Also TextMate

Snow Leop­ard breaks NetBeans

So i am told, as i do not use it. I think it installs ok but then when per­form­ing a com­pile it “Barfs” as my infor­mant poet­i­cally puts it about 1⁄2 way through.

Snow Leop­ard breaks MySQL

l it broke my copy any­way. i installed mysql-5.1.23-rc-osx10.5-x86_64 ok. Tried to add the mac-ports ver­sion but ran into prob­lems with that sim­ply not want­ing to install. In the end down­loa

Fonts on the iPhone

t apps on the iPhone are ren­dered in Hel­vetica, only, no choice. How­ever in the Safari browser there is a choice for the devel­oper. How­ever it is a lim­ited choice. Full sets are pro­vided of:

Font Fam­i­lies and the iPhone

­mally in a web app i would put a font-family in the CSS some­thing like this " font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif;" This way i cover my bases as to whether the ta

Dash­code and cURL

d to get data from another site well you can use cURL to get it. widget.system(&quot;/usr/bin/curl;, null).outputString; this will pull the rat

Time .….

natures way of pre­vent­ing every­thing hap­pen­ing at once. OK but when i used to com­mute i lis­ten to pod­casts, Mac OS Ken, His­to­ryzine, Skep­toid etc. Now i don’t com­mute i don’t seem to h

Wid­get Development

uick overview of script­ing tools, meth­ods and widget/gadget deliv­ery platforms Google Gad­gets Devel­op­ment Technologies: HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript Devel­op­ment Plat­form / Language: Any with

Change of Direction

Now liv­ing and work­ing back in Not­ting­ham doing web devel­op­ment and Mac wid­gets and iPhone appli­ca­tion development

Dash­code Devel­op­ment Fit the First

el­op­ing in Dash­code for the Mac. It’s a bit like the Curates Egg. Good in parts and rot­ten in oth­ers. Any­way needed to get 50 or so images in and the import facil­ity to add them one at a tim

Liv­ing Arrangements

ed accom­mo­da­tion down in the smoke from sofa surf­ing at a friends house, how he put u with me for 16 months I don’t know but most grate­ful to him for it. So now in a Mon to Fri with occa­s

sur­vived .…

. xmas, again. Actu­ally not to bad. Didn’t go far, Sheffield a cou­ple of times but other than Christ­mas day  had low level fam­ily inter­ac­tion and that helped to reduce the usual fes­tive fri

HTTP Client — Mac app

ui for enter­ing and view­ing http infor­ma­tion. It pretty straight­for­ward and the doc­u­men­ta­tion on it is min­i­mal (well non exis­tent) how­ever the video takes you through all the main

Last Thurs­day

a long story but i man­age a site called Last Thurs­day The site was orig­i­nally formed as some­thing of a break­away from the Ecad­emy and it gained quite a head of steam within a fairly closed

Eval­u­at­ing AJAX Frameworks

eview of some Ajax frame­works at Dr Dobbs. The fol­low­ing libraies looked at and compared Dojo 0.3.1 (dojo​toolkit​.org). Pro­to­type and Scrip­tac­u­lous 1.4 (www​.pro​to​typejs​.org and

YAML Ain’t Markup Language

L™ (rhymes with “camel”) is a straight­for­ward machine parsable data seri­al­iza­tion for­mat designed for human read­abil­ity and inter­ac­tion with script­ing lan­guages such as Perl and Pyt

con­sol­i­da­tion 2009

as try­ing to keep sev­eral blogs going on dif­fer­ent sub­jects but it is just too much effort and as no one reads them , ulti­mately futile. So i am con­sol­i­dat­ing under howitt​.com. this will

light­weight http server

other day i needed a light­weight http server to run on win­dows. Its a client machine in a clients work­place and i only have local admin access. How­ever i didn’t want to add the IIS server as

mac wid­gets

n work­ing for a while on mac dash­board wid­gets. quite an eye opener in terms of mar­ket and opportunity. using the mac dash­code tool i built a cheat sheet type wid­get with all the main vi com


php.MVC imple­ments the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pat­tern, and encour­ages appli­ca­tion design based on the Model 2 par­a­digm. This design model allows the Web page or other con­tents (


upgraded to 2.7 of Word­Press and Blue­print based theme.

Since get­ting an iPod ….

 Not sure what i meant to say here now as it has been a while but i think pod­casts were one of the most use­full ele­ments that came my way.

Por­ti­cus (1.1)

Por­ti­cus (1.1) growl and sparkle

Forty PHP Frameworks

a review and guide to 40 php frame­works

Open Calais

Reuters seman­tic web API


o a bit of a gap between all this. Well back in the ‘Smoke’ Lon­don was nice and work­ing in the East End, of Brick Lane so again inter­est­ing areas. Just a short con­tract with a dig­i­tal media

Now the read/write web

Face­book and The Myth Of Con­tex­tual Advertising  here So who has got it in for FB?

Cory Doc­trow hav­ing a bit of a go at FaceBook

inter­est­ing arti­cle enti­tled How Your Creepy Ex-Co-Workers Will Kill Face­book about Face­Book and social net­work­ing from Cory Doc­trow hav­ing a bit of a go at Face­Book, buck­ing the trend

Work (again)

Well back in the big city now, art house again (i quite like it) but lots of meaty PHP. Nice.

An intro­duc­tion to Eclipse for Visual Stu­dio users

l it hadn’t really occurred to me that a pro­fes­sional pro­gram­mer would have any prob­lems using dif­fer­ent IDE’s. Whether it Notepad, or Vi or Emacs etc. surely a pro is going to famil­iarise

Comet and Ajax

et is a pro­gram­ming tech­nique that enables web servers to send data to the client with­out hav­ing any need for the client to request it. This tech­nique will pro­duce more respon­sive appli­ca­

<span class="caps">MS</span> Share­point Lock-in

h has been writ­ten about Open Office and about MS’s OOXML and the bat­tle for open file format’s. How­ever it looks as if Share­point could be a big­ger threat than any of these. MS is push­ing Sh

work again

l fin­ished the 12 week con­tract locally, actu­ally took 5 months but there you go. now picked up a very short term job work­ing with xaraya a cms/ so i have to learn xaraya and write the appli­ca

How could i forget?

Well i did but it all came back in a rush.


n­strukt Key Aspects Con­trollers are resources URI-to-controller-mapping gives your appli­ca­tion a log­i­cal structure Rout­ing based on logic rather than rules Nested con­trollers sup­ports com

light­weight http server

other day i neede a light­weight http server to run on win­dows. Its a client machine in a clients work­place and i only have local admin access. How­ever i didn’t want to add the IIS server as it

A Book­ing Engine



On the same tack my colleague .…

was explain­ing to one of the man­age­ment team the book­ing engine we are build­ing, which uses the mvc model to make devel­op­ment sim­pler, or is it more com­pli­cated? And the pos­tit not that

Work in progress

le doing a con­tract recently we were build­ing a site for a leisure com­pany. To keep track of assets that were approved by the client and the place hold­ers that we had added to allow us to look

cou­ple of sites

open source template free and exchange graphics

fire­fox extensions

e­bug of course and now included in aptana web devel­oper, a gen­eral tool­bar that lets you inspect a lot of shit. tam­per data view head­ers cook­ies and the like and mod­ify them chrome list dom



Eval­u­at­ing AJAX Frameworks

eview of some Ajax frame­works at Dr Dobbs. The fol­low­ing libraies looked at and compared Dojo 0.3.1 (dojo​toolkit​.org). Pro­to­type and Scrip­tac­u­lous 1.4 (www​.pro​to​typejs​.org and s

Get­ting Real

Get­ting Real Here are the 16 chap­ters and 91 essays that make up the book

Alton Tow­ers

ave been deeply involved i the devel­op­ment of the new web site there and last week had to have a meet­ing with some of the AT team. So actu­ally got into the park for free? OK no great shakes and

com­par­a­tive sizes of stars


Why Win­dows is less secure than Linux

he he

amazon S3

te inter­est­ing cdn, con­tent dis­tri­b­u­tion net­work, sys­tem. Based on Ama­zons hard­ware sys­tems you can sign up as long as you have and ama­zon  web ser­vices account and t

con­tent man­age­ment systems — cms

­haps one of the suc­cess sto­ries of foss and in the sold arena to. Most of the main­stream ven­dors do a vari­a­tion on the cms which they charge for and umpteen star­tups and other ven­dors do c

memo to self

book­mark capa­bil­i­ties Digg, del​.icio​.us, and Fark etc

writ­ing free open source software?

e is a free book to tell you all about it. And i quote “Pro­duc­ing Open Source Soft­ware is a book about the human side of open source devel­op­ment. It describes how suc­cess­ful projects oper­at

aptana .…..

seri­ously good tool. Quote “The Aptana IDE is a free, open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript-focused devel­op­ment envi­ron­ment for build­ing Ajax appli­ca­tions. It fea­tures code assist on Ja

if you are a mac and omn­i­graf­fle user

you will know why win­dows and visio suck. and here a graf­fle­topia is every graf­fle dia­gram set you could ever want

sleep­ing planet

sleep­ing planet

cir­cass­ian grammar

thwest Caucasian languages have rather simple noun systems, manifesting only a handful of cases at the most, coupled with highly agglutinative verbal systems so complex that virtually the entire sy

cleared the wire

we got the alton towers site live on friday the 30th at about 20:30. Still lots to do but pretty good in that it was seven weeks from sign of to live www​.alton​.tow​ers​.com

lamy pico

I used to buy new pens for each new project but have not both­ered recently. How­ever with the Alton Tow­ers site going live i thought one of the new Lamy Pico’s was in order


lin­guis­tics, a par­tici­ple is a non-finite verb form that can be used in com­pound tenses or voices, or it can be used as a mod­i­fier. Par­tici­ples often share prop­er­ties with other parts of


with ego­lion .… do it in the js and pull from that when disconected


the sentence “The blind man, who knew that he had risen, motioned him to sit down again” (from Charles Dick­ens, Barn­aby Rudge), “he had risen” is an exam­ple of the plu­per­fect tense. It refers

run­ning up to the wire

k­ing close to home and on a large pub­licly fac­ing web site. going well but of course not as fast as it should, usual project blues, clients mak­ing their mind’s up late, dead­lines not mov­ing,

Add your own trails on the web and add comments

il­fire From the site Trail­fire enables you to dis­cover the web through the exper­tise of oth­ers. Fol­low a trail and find what you need. Or share your own exper­tise by mak­ing a trail of web p


what the and even

Ask the Ana­lyst, hmmm yes the dif­fi­cult questions

t other soft­ware is available? What is the pres­sure in real com­mer­cial terms rather than want to, to have site in dif­fer­ent languages? If other soft­ware do site need rebuild­ing do trans­la­

links to self





m their site “php.MVC imple­ments the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pat­tern, and encour­ages appli­ca­tion design based on the Model 2 par­a­digm. This design model allows the Web page or oth


­pel Pro­pel is an Object Rela­tional Map­ping (ORM) frame­work for PHP5. It allows you to access your data­base using a set of objects, pro­vid­ing a sim­ple API for stor­ing and retriev­ing data.


l YAML™ (rhymes with “camel”) is a straight­for­ward machine parsable data seri­al­iza­tion for­mat designed for human read­abil­ity and inter­ac­tion with script­ing lan­guages such as Perl and Py

10 frame­works compared

te a good arti­cle here giv­ing a short review of 10 frame­works cov­er­ing Zend Frame­work, CakePHP, Sym­fony Project, Seag­ull Frame­work, WACT, Prado, PHP on TRAX, ZooP Frame­work, eZ Com­po­ne

.….. and made it to the .….

.…. new year .…..

christ­mas .….

.…. sur­vived


thought i had lost one of the unlined black leather ones. was really pissed by this but found it today and over­joyed. the per­ceived loss nearly a week ago had me close to an edge


­ated by yuk­i­hiro mat­sumoto quite a while ago but get­ting devel­oper excited for all sorts of reasons. ruby lang is the base site for get­ting ruby and infor­ma­tion about ruby. ruby is… a d

the dark side of the moon 

.…. the far side of the moon are i sus­pect con­fused in most peo­ples mind. the far side we never see and this never changes, but the dark side is always changing.

work is a four let­ter word

l i have found gain­full employ­ment again and close to home this time, near­est for years. will be work­ing on front ends and mod­ules for a sys­tem using joomla and moo­dle. so watch this space f


seems to have become a recent phe­nom­e­non to con­sume water, from plas­tic bot­tles, on a semi con­tin­u­ous basis. Cur­rently trav­el­ing a lot on the tube in Lon­don and trains and they are usi

always in between

work has usual has expanded to fill all time avail­able and when not work­ing i seem to be trav­el­ing, always in between and never there. wher­ever there is of course.

check date, april 1?

read­ing /. and see ‘Inflat­able Space Sta­tion Pro­to­type a Suc­cess’ hav­ing watched pitch black, armaged­don etc. not sure this is a good idea.

test from flock

Playing with the new Flock browser. It appears to be able to post directly to my blog.